LED Tape Is Suitable For Aquarios?

Yes! led tape is suitable for aquarios just don’t mergular
The leds for marine fishkeeping
especially for coral, have a wavelength of 445 to 460nm,
that stimulate photosynthesis of zooxanthellae and
Consequently the color and coral growth.
they meet this requirement.

Experience with Leds 10W in Aquarius sweet

I’m suspect to talk of leds I am having excellent results with led defined by Bestitude.
I didn’t like the leds from deal extreme I thought they kinda weak in terms of lighting some friends here in bh bought and didn’t like it.

In my case in my Aquarium of almost 70 cm tall the result was encouraging for 60w bulbs replace 200w in led and 2 m rgb tape to make the night lighting. I have no regrets.
And the project here at home’s growing! After experiencing many color temperatures between other sources I got a excellent result with the leds. Some will say that is still expensive. I don’t think expensive lift in consideration that a T5 cool costs around R$140,00 + reactor which is about $80.00.

I can say that for plants, especially the Red leds are ideal 6500 k, you can’t miss it. I’m using these Leds in all my my aquariums successfully.Lastly I wanted to make a slightly different Assembly for lighting, used aluminum spots and the finish was very nice later do a piece of aluminum or acrylic. but I liked the charm of the spot.

Barboplanet main Aquarium 300 l-This was the reason for the search of leds (I used 2 T5 54w along with compact sucked).
6 Leds 10w (2 10000 k 4000 k, 6500 k 2 .2 warm) and 2 m rgb tape use for night lighting.and in the morning…

The Aquarius of 3 Led 10w 6500 k Tetras 800lumens each. I noticed a decrease in Brown algae and algae on the glass. Red plants look good really red.

For installation in wooden top Aquarios when the client is interested in sticking the cover I’m already selling modules.

I want to clarify a few things here about the topic. All I said was based on experiences I’ve had, I haven’t used intricate calculations and such. I like the ease of 10Wme Leds give time to feed them. I don’t know if the way I do is right or wrong, I’ve tested several things before posting here.

A cubo40x35x30 and other Used 10W6500k Led 1 made a carpet of Eleocharis minima in it, was my mudário

Whereas 40/50 cm wide and 60 cm high tops

In an Aquarium of Low display 2 100de 6500 k 1 leds on each side will be jewel doesn’t need more than that if there is more planted more exaggerated distributes in zigzag 4 leds. (as I said before that I lived with my aquarios and aquarios that bought led to me).

a 120 aqua maximum 6 display leds (all depends on the Assembly that you want to make)

150 will display a maximum of 8 Leds (and I think it’s really for me would put 6)

As said before taking into account that excessive light stress fish.

Questions I saw by ae:

I didn’t use drivers for Leds-Replaced by pc source using the 12v line to feed them because the source is stabilized and is a reliable output, do not use resistor to limit the current. Only work with leds 10w 6500 k 10000 k 20000 k tested 4000 k too.

Oh! Paola would you trust these sources?
I don’t know here tested small fonts some opened the beak and not realized. It’s a long shot, as well as the drivers (I bought one for a 3W led and it fried, will you know the reason the other 3 are still operating).

I tested these didn’t work

Wanted one of these but here at “the farm” in Belo Horizonte have not found, and the only one who saw the price was more than all leds that alo got up to hj.

Avoid using Leds without cooler-we’re in a tropical country, there are days that are unbearably hot, nothing a good sink won’t fix, however I’d rather not risk it.

Calculation of Leds-do not use a specific calculation, all varies according to the type of installation that will be made etc, etc.

My living room Aquarium has 120x40x70 he is extremely high for a planted today he’s with 2 leds in the Center and 4 + 2 1 left and 1 right of more than this is recipe for seaweed. Otherwise the led penetrates more in the water the fish are extremely angry. My tank today has more tetras as before, under the warm light they swam more now while the tank is access they hide and reappear only when the lights go out or when light only the tape.

Own aquariums of other measures put leds in all. Tested tape color temperature and such.

White RGB tape etc.-goes well in some cases, lowtech of cichlids Aquarium Aquarium, depends on the needs of each one. (I don’t see the need to preach a cover tape 5 m just to get to the bottom of the aqua illumination. My Opinion, disagree with the will)

2 experience less light for little 2 plant Led 6500 k on the center of the Aquarium

Current mounting success Led 1 2 in 1 Center right left

10w 6500 k led by NELL2BR, on Flickr

2 1 Leds on each side 4000 k Warm (more yellow) plant growth is slow, but has advantages n~´ of seaweed, the fish will not stress because of this lighting … the yellowish tone is not because of the trunk and the led.

Oh another detail to keep a carpet with how much light? Give! to spare … my tank of 70 cm “carpet” with plant that was to grow vertically if you have some time check the topic of the Barboplanet changes of the plants in this fishbowl of 70 cm in height. Currently at the Aquarium have Hygrophila difformis which usually reaches 50 cm tall here she in a matter of 10 cm turned a Bush. The chatinhas h. Cuba, Glossos, go from strength to strength.