LEDWAVE Flashlight XP-300

Review Overview

My heart was beating at 180 beats. The doctor has already told me to beware of stressing the heart. It is the same, it is a superior force.

It was three o’clock in the morning and he already sensed the end of a battle between me and the macareno. Weeks of struggle between the boar and server. I had already seen it on several occasions, but it had always gotten their way.Cunning and intelligent, the macareno had become an obsession for my.

Several times I had him in the crosshairs, but had not been able to finish. Talking with a friend, I said: “I think that your problem is lack of visibility, what you generating unnecessary anxiety”.

-What?-, I said half-jokingly, half seriously. -Have you tried the new XP-300 LEDWAVE? – I commented as if such a thing. And he continued:

“The new Ledwave XP-300 Turbo LED is an acojonante flashlight (very powerful go), which has a powerful (up to 250 m).” Also has a power of 690 lumens (this not be what it is, but it sounds important). Over, you fit in your backpack, it is tiny (just it is 24cm long).”

The truth is that not it sounded wrong what she told me. Flashlight that I had, used it for sentimental value, but already did not give me the expected yield.

-“Up”, almost continuous run, “is a Spanish model, we have to do homeland”. This became the heart, help my country!.

That same day, I put hands to work and i bought the flashlight from LEDLightsClassified. It is true that it did not change my aim, and I improved my skills, but if that helped me in my waiting and lessen my anxiety.

Returning to my macareno, he had one more element of struggle against it, my flashlight. And Yes, that day, I managed to finish the beautiful battle to librabamos.

I now keep the trophy in my house and whenever I see him, I remember fondly everything that made me pass. The Ledwave XP-300 is now part of equipment and I am still chasing adventures in night.

If you think that you also can help, here I leave their ccharacteristics:

-Real lumens: 690 (in lumens Oriental 2.070).
-Actual extent: 250 metres (in Oriental measures 750 meters)
-Rechargeable with car chargers and network included.
-Objective lens diameter: 48 mm.
-Weight 345g.
-Length: 240 mm.
-Comes in a tight hard carrying case and includes a cable switch A-84 and an A-30 quick release mounts.