Diplomatic relations with Slovakia

According to Abbreviationfinder, Liechtenstein establishes diplomatic relations with Slovakia for the first time since World War II (see Foreign Policy and Defense).

Liechtenstein Immigration Statistics


Liechtenstein deleted from “gray list”

The OECD also removes Liechtenstein from the “gray list” of tax havens that do not cooperate fully (see May above).

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Diplomatic relations with the Czech Republic

Liechtenstein establishes diplomatic relations with the Czech Republic for the first time since the Second World War (see Foreign Policy and Defense).


Liechtenstein is deleted from OECD’s “black list”

The economic security and cooperation organization OECD deletes Liechtenstein from its list of non-cooperating tax havens.


New government

The Confederation of the Patriotic Union Klaus Tschütscher becomes Prime Minister of the new government.


Elections to Parliament

The election result leads to the two bourgeois parties Fosterlandsunion (VU) and Progressive Citizens’ Party (FBP) swapping seats as the largest party. VU receives close to 48 percent of the votes, while the PDB gets just over 43 and the environmental party Free List just under 9 percent. The two largest parties form a new coalition, but now VU can appoint the Prime Minister and two more ministers, while the FBP appoints the remaining two ministers.

Liechtenstein Culture and Traditions
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