Mobile Thieves Can Ruin You-How to Protect Your Phone

Losing his mobile is for many a chagrin-but the phone can also be misused and bilge users for thousands of dollars.

You get stolen phone, is it getting blocked your subscription in a hurry. You shall be liable for up to 8,000 dollars on mobile Bill if you are not quick enough.

The thief can take advantage of your telephone to expensive international calls, or calls to premium rate services. Therefore, you should take your precautions even before thieves long fingers gets a hold of your mobile.

Every year, thousands of phones stolen, and if the telecom industry assess that the phone has not been blocked soon enough, can the unfortunate owner risk booklet for up to 8,000 dollars in consumption.

Unfairly perhaps, many will think when theft in connection with credit card theft for comparison shall be covered by the banks.

It is inconceivable that consumers may lose large amounts of money that telecommunications companies have not managed a develop a technology that automatically closes the phones before it goes so wrong” says Anette Høyrup, senior lawyer of the Consumer Council for our site.

But just the assessment of whether or not the phone subscription has been blocked soon enough, complained of to the Appeals Tribunal. A right of appeal as many telcos refrain to inform their unfortunate clients write our site.

You can even do a part to curb abuse

Before the theft:
-Activate a PIN on your mobile.
-Check to see if you through your telephone company can put an upper spending limit.
-Turn international calls and calls to premium rate services from with your operator.
-Enable “Find my iPhone” or similar tracking services
-Store the phone number of your telecommunications company somewhere other than on your phone

In the event of theft
Contact your telephone company as soon as possible.
-Contact the police.
-Asset tracking device if possible.