More Megs But in Exchange for Higher Fees for The Dolphin 12 and 22 and 23 of Orange Whale

Change the terms of rates that makes months not marketed can have good or bad consequences. In some cases, such as when Orange changed its dolphin 20, 30 and 40, the changes were completely positive, while other cases, including the latest from Movistar, was not exactly to make improvements.

And April 25 it is renovation of old Orange, the Dolphin 12, 22 whale and whale 23 rates. A renovation that has its good parts and bad parts. On the one hand grow bonds data, but in return fees on the rise, are rounded to euro and a half, and it also raises the price of calls outside the included minutes bonus.

While Orange, like the rest of big operators, does not have a wide variety of mobile rates today it seems that the fashion of wanting to be running push your old rates to new users. This is beginning to communicate in the Bills of its customers that it will introduce changes in the rates not contract months ago Dolphin 12, 22 whale and whale 23,.

In this way the only improvement that receive these rates is the increase of their bond of 300 MB on the dolphin and whale rates 500 MB data, in Exchange for up to 1.43 euros euro more per month. A business that perhaps some users accept without any problem, but which also allows those who are not in accordance with the changes can to pack to another operator without penalty by staying in tarifa or company.

Settlement at 20 cents? This sounds to me

But most curious change introduced by Orange in their old rates is the establishment of call exceeded the minutes included in it. After years in which the settlement was established in the 18 cents in almost all operators, Orange has decided to upload it hasya 20 cents.

That sound us this? Because of the movement of another operator which also updated print rates and planted them the establishment of 20 cents, Movistar. If the 20 cents came not only to old rates, but also at their lowest rate currently, lives 12.

Should saw that Orange has followed in the footsteps of Movistar, daring to break the barrier of the 18 cents for the establishment of call, do we expect this settlement in its lower rate, the squirrel? Or will see the arrival of 20 cents in other large operators or virtual with Orange cover? Let us hope that it is not so, but one already has his suspicions.