Jewels in the northeast of Mallorca

Cala Torta

The perfect place to enjoy nature is Cala Torta, a slightly larger bay near the city of Artà. The sand here is a bit coarse-grained and stony, but that doesn’t detract from the bathing experience. Since the bay drops into the sea relatively quickly, the beach is not that popular with tourists and you are sure to find a berth! You are welcome to pursue your free physical culture here, because nudism is tolerated. I would recommend the beautiful location with hills and trees as a special featureturn out perfect for a little hike! The somewhat smaller neighboring bays of Cala Mitjana and Cala Estreta also offer cooling and relaxation in harmony with nature. Depending on how the wind is, you have to expect a bit of seaweed, apart from that the water is nice and clear and clean all year round!

Cala Mesquida

Visit Mallorca’s most northeastern bathing bay! As part of a nature reserve , Cala Mesquida has a particularly beautiful location. On the one hand the turquoise water and on the other the extensive dune landscape. There is even a free car park that you can access via the road from Artà towards Capdepera.

Platja de Muro

Platja de Muro

Sport until you drop! You can go sailing, banana boating, diving, playing volleyball, surfing and much more at Platja de Muro ! This beach is something for the active among you and thanks to the shallow, crystal clear water also ideal for children. Of course, after a heated game of volleyball, you can relax under the pine trees on the bank or take a walk in the dunes. Those who spend the whole day here can do their rounds in the evening along the beach promenade with numerous bars and restaurants. Anyway, during my visit I felt like I was in the Maldives , only the palm trees are missing!

Font de Sa Cala

According to calculatorinc, many call the bay in the municipality of Capdepera one of the most beautiful in the area, and in my opinion the well-kept beach leaves nothing to be desired. However, you will find many hotels around and therefore many tourists. Boat rental and surfing school provide the necessary variety and the Font de Sa Cala beach impresses with its cleanliness and crystal clear water . Finding a parking space can be a bit difficult, but you can also take a small tourist train here from Cala Ratjada.

Cala Agulla

Most beautiful beach in Cala Ratjada? Without question the Cala Agulla ! The bright turquoise water, paired with brilliant white sand, is a real eye-catcher and could just as easily be printed on a postcard. So it will! Activities until you drop, such as surfing, pedaling or banana boating, attract numerous visitors again and again, although the bays around Cala Agulla are nowhere near as crowded as the beaches in Palma. Bay by bay, the sporting offerings roll over here, and everything is available, from loungers, sanitary facilities to a cool beach bar. In the secondary bay of Cala Gat you can pursue your physical culture and leave your swimsuit at home.

Beaches on the east coast of Mallorca

Beaches on the east coast of Mallorca

Cala Sa Nau

This small bay of Cala Sa Nau is a real insider tip because it is a favorite of the locals . Enclosed in forests, cliffs and caves, this beach is located in the southeast of the island and is best known for its legendary beach parties. Once you have found the complicated way into the iconic bay, you can celebrate on the weekends in the “Chiringuito”, lean back and relax on stylish bamboo loungers or use the surrounding area for hiking.

Cala Varques

Picturesque dream beach away from the tourist crowds and in the middle of the east coast of Mallorca. The approximately 90 meter long bay of Cala Varques is a bit outside and can therefore hardly be reached by car. If you want to relax here on the fine sandy beach, you have to arrive by boat or take a short hike on the last part.

A dreamy white sandy beach, Caribbean-like water and paradisiacal nature …

The journey is worth it! When you arrive at your destination, there is not only a dreamy white sandy beach and Caribbean-like water, but also heavenly nature. The bay is embedded in cliffs and rocks, alternated with pine forest, and is almost untouched outside the high season. In various side bays such as the Caló Blanc, nudity is not a problem and the beaches are usually not overcrowded due to their seclusion. A real idyllic gem!

Cliffs in the bay of Cala Varques

Visit the dream beaches of the island of Mallorca!

Have you got the travel bug when you see the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca? This is absolutely understandable with these dream beaches, don’t you think so? Away from the party stronghold of Palma you will find real oases of relaxation in the middle of the beautiful nature of Spain, and one thing is absolutely certain: Mallorca definitely has more to offer than just the ballerina! Convince yourself of the breathtaking views, crystal clear water and fine sandy beaches that are otherwise only found in the Caribbean. In my booking section you will find many cheap Mallorca offers – have a look!

Most Beautiful Beaches in Northeast Mallorca
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