To the northeast of Phan Thiet, behind a picturesque coastal road that climbs the hill to the ancient Cham Tower, lies a long sandy beach washed by the waters of Mui Ne Bay. Being a quiet and dying fishing village 15-20 years ago, today the beach and the town of Mui Ne have become a popular developing resort, where lovers of the warm sea, bright sun and fair wind flock. Moreover, there are so many Russian speakers among them that more and more often you can hear how the village is called in its own way – simply “Muinovka”.

Choosing between the Red Sea (or rather the Egyptian Dahab) and the South China Sea (in the right corner of the ring, the village of Mui Ne!), domestic kite and windsurfers are increasingly inclined in favor of the latter. Despite the fact that fishermen still live in the east of the beach, most of the population of Mui Ne is made up of tourists, who, however, the locals do not like – the guests of the village are too aggressive in “seizing” the territory. And all because the prices here are very democratic, seafood is in abundance, they are allowed into the country without a visa, and the climate allows you to ride almost all year round.

Communication and Wi-Fi

Mobile communication in Mui Ne is quite cheap, upon arrival it is better to immediately get a SIM card from a Vietnamese operator – this will help you save a lot on calls home. There are three main companies in the country – Vinaphone, Viettel and Mobifone. Their tariffs almost do not differ from each other, coverage in large cities and resort areas is consistently good for all three. A call to Russia will cost about 4500 VND per minute, SMS and even less – from 200 VND. There are no special tourist tariff plans, but they will not be required. Packages are sold in many retail outlets, the balance is replenished there.

There is no roaming within the country, a tariff plan can be bought in Ho Chi Minh City or Nha Trang, the same rates will apply in Mui Ne.

Wireless Internet access points are equipped in most hotels and catering establishments. But the quality of the connection sometimes leaves much to be desired. In this case, it is better to buy a traffic package from your local mobile operator.

Mui Ne beaches

According to clothingexpress, Mui Ne is one big beach along which the resort village stretches. The sea and the coast are not equally clean and suitable for swimming everywhere. In the east, behind the cape, the strongest waves, this is one of the best places for kite and windsurfing. Swimming with children is inconvenient there – strong wind and very muddy water.

In the central part of the resort, where inexpensive middle-class hotels are concentrated, the strip of coastline reserved for the beach is rather narrow. Cleanliness is not particularly monitored, so it can be dirty, especially closer to the fishing village.

The beaches of Mui Ne are quiet and calm, there are no youth parties and noisy parties here.

The coast looks a little better in the western part of the resort, closer to Phan Thiet. Here are the most expensive hotels, the owners of which maintain cleanliness and order on their beaches. Umbrellas and sun loungers are installed everywhere, they belong to hotels, and only guests can use them, but for free. But anyone can swim in clean and clear water and stretch out on the sand. Thanks to the breakwaters, the sea here is calmer than in other parts of the resort. For families with children, this is the best place in Mui Ne. The entrance to the water is gentle along the entire coast, in order to get to the depth, you need to move far from the coast. But because of the waves, swimming with kids in the center of Mui Ne can be quite dangerous.

Kite and surf

There is absolutely no diving or snorkeling in Mui Ne, but there is something more interesting: when it rains heavily in Nha Trang or Hoi An, the waves just rise here. But which waves are the most correct, strong, extended, on which you can not only learn, but also work out professional tricks. The best time for surfing is from August to December, for windsurfing from the end of October to the end of April. At the same time, the winds blow steadily from 11:00 until almost until sunset, in some places the waves rise to 4 m and above. The best place for surfing and kite is the western part of the resort. In the east, there are breakwaters everywhere.

The surrounding waters of Mui Ne do not contain any “scrappers” in the form of underwater rocks or shallows, so it is as safe as possible to ride here. However, at the peak of the season, kiters come out on the water, up to 300 muscular bodies at a time, so you need to look both ways. It is also worth paying special attention to simple bathers – these bipeds frolicking in the water create a separate problem for an enthusiastic surfer.

You can rent equipment in many shops and hotels, ask the instructor there. His services will cost a lot: from 1,600,000 VND for the first lesson. The lesson lasts 2-3 hours on average. Sports equipment is rented at any school – from 160,000 VND per hour for a surfboard.

What to bring

Along the main street is full of shops and souvenir shops. Their prices are low, and the range is decent. Most often, edible gifts are taken away from the Vietnamese resort – Mui Ne is famous for fish delicacies and seafood.

Ladies will love pearls, as well as bags, shoes and belts made of crocodile skin. These are not the cheapest souvenirs, but the quality is beyond doubt. For clothes, it is better to visit neighboring Phan Thiet – supermarkets sell dresses and T-shirts made from natural fabrics at affordable prices. For the famous Vietnamese silk, it is also worth going to larger cities, for example, to Dalat. The choice in Mui Ne shops is very small. Traditional Vietnamese costumes can be bought at the market or ordered individually tailored at the atelier. Other popular gifts from Mui Ne are coconut oil and snake venom ointments, which are great for bruises and sprains. Oils are available in any stores, and for a cream it is better to go to a pharmacy.

Souvenir shops are located near the main attractions – on Mount Taku and near the Chap Tap Poshanu towers. They sell funny little things and handmade jewelry, magnets and key rings.

  • Do Mui Ne shops accept credit cards?

Mui Ne Cuisine and Restaurants

The choice of catering establishments in Mui Ne is quite large. Even those who do not like Vietnamese cuisine will find something to profit from. The town is full of American, French, Italian and Indian restaurants. There are also Russian eateries, the menu of which will seem familiar and familiar in a homely way. However, it is still worth trying local dishes – most of those who have ever visited Vietnam leave rave reviews about them. In addition, there are few other places where you can taste shark or grilled crocodile soup for lunch.

Another plus of Vietnamese restaurants is low prices. Dinner in a French or Italian establishment will cost more due to imported products. However, sea delicacies and exotic dishes also cost a lot.

Most cafes and restaurants are located along Mui Ne’s only street. There are quite respectable establishments, standard cafes and unpretentious eateries. As well as traditional Vietnamese “foshnitsa” – canteens that serve the classic “pho” soup. The latter can be very tasty and cheap, but it is somehow scary to enter them – compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards and the quality of the products are questionable.

The prices for food in the resort are very democratic. A full meal without frills in a middle-class restaurant costs from 300,000 VND. You can have breakfast or a snack in the cafe. Those who decide to have shark meat barbecue for dinner in an expensive restaurant should be prepared to shell out at least VND 1,300,000 for two.

Entertainment and attractions

Distinctive features of the Vietnamese resort are excellent beaches, good climate and a good selection of restaurants. However, there are also several attractions that are definitely worth a look.

There are few places of interest from a historical point of view near Mui Ne. Chief among them are the towers of the Chams Tap Poshanu. In the past, the majestic temple of the god Shiva, today is the ruins of an ancient shrine that has been in this state for the last 300 years. Despite this, the Vietnamese still bring gifts to the foot of the towers and pray for good luck or a good catch. If you are lucky, you can not only touch the antiquity, but also become witnesses of a religious performance or a national festival. The temple complex stands on a hill with a beautiful view of the resort village and neighboring Phan Thiet.

On the way to the towers, you can stop by a bright oriental-style temple. You can see it from the road, so you can’t miss it.

60 km from Mui Ne there is another religious attraction – the statue of the reclining Buddha on Mount Taku. Now a cable car leads there, before pilgrims and a few tourists were forced to climb on foot. This is the largest monument in Vietnam, and Buddhists can be found here quite often.

In a sense, a unique attraction is a fishing village on the outskirts of Mui Ne. Once the whole village lived in this industry, until tourism began to develop here. Now, to look at the life of fishermen, you need to go to a small village in the east of the resort. There is an observation deck from which you can observe a rather amusing sight – dozens of blue and greenish boats plow the sea surface not far from the coast. It looks especially unusual in the rays of the setting sun. If desired, local residents will help organize fishing trips and cook freshly caught fish on the grill.

Of the natural beauties in the vicinity of Mui Ne, the red and white dunes, the lotus lake (impressive when they are in bloom), the Fei Stream and the Red Canyon deserve attention. The latter is especially beautiful closer to the sea, and you can ride ATVs or sleds in the deserts.

3 things to do in Mui Ne

  1. Get on the board and catch the wave.
  2. Learn to cook crocodile meat on coals and cook turtle soup.
  3. Go fishing and catch squid.

Weather in Muine

The climate of Mui Ne is tropical, there is no cold weather, the winter season differs from the summer only in the amount of precipitation. This is one of the sunniest places in Vietnam, the air and water temperature allows you to swim all year round.

The best time for kite and windsurfing is from November to March. In other months, there are also wind and strong waves, but they are unstable. It is better for beginners to go to sea in the morning; in the afternoon, only experienced athletes can cope with the elements. Those who do not plan to conquer the wave should choose the end of spring-beginning of autumn for recreation. In the summer there are quite often rains, but they are short-term and almost do not interfere with rest.

Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne, Vietnam
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