Nanotechnology May Save Your Phone from Drowning? [Web-Tv]

We test one of the first smartphones with water-resistant nanobelægning.

Superhydrofobisk nanobelægning, it sounds complicated, and it is that too. Individual are, as it is very similar to roast pandens teflon coating. It is a transparent, micrometer thin, plastic-like film, which is so water resistant, that the water does not just præller of it drifting on the surface.

Have you drowned her phone just once, you’ll appreciate that sort of thing.

The first phone that is born with the kind of water driving layers is Motorola Moto G and certain spots on Youtube, you can also see how the surviving vandplaskeri in half an hour.

Inspired by the video above, we will examine the technology a little further, it seems like with a new phone, but like on the skillet then slides the kind of belægningner by slowly over time. We have therefore taken a 3 month old Motorola Moto G and gave it a ride in the bathtub.

NB: this test should not be tried at home, Motorola’s Moto G is * not * waterproof and will in some cases be damaged.