New 4G in House of Orange, Now with More Gigs But More Expensive

If this morning woke up knowing that Orange It will raise the price of its convergent offer Kangaroo, bad news are not there and the service 4g at home We’ve both seen advertise this summer, has also changed its conditions although in this case, the changes only affect new customers.

Plug and go. Thus promotes its “4G at home” Orange to highlight the advantage of internet via WiFi in the home without the need of hiring fixed, no facilities or waiting and at the “speed of the fiber”. A near-perfect product for the holidays if it weren’t because it has stay of 12 months but for that, the own Orange has a similar product that sells with Amena without permanence and other advantages that we compare here.

A rise was never so bold

The formula to justify the rise again to be the same as we have seen in other operators and is none other which increase data including full speed passing 35 GB 30 GB in Exchange for one up to 8 euros fee rise If you have Toucan, Dolphin and 5 euros in other cases. I.e., the service happens to have a cost of 29.95 euros with the mentioned rates or 34,95 EUR for the rest.

But this time the rise may be more brash than on other occasions, not by the formula used since we have seen that all operators do not equal if not because the web continues to maintain the same message that before stating that “50% of ADSL customers do not exceed the 10 GB per month…”. There are plenty of words.

Despite not to be a service having direct competition as its feature set, if it is one of the products 4 G available as an alternative to ADSL or fiber and called attention to after the change, at first glance, the 4 G in house of Orange follow resulting less interesting than the 50 GB from 24 euro with fixed including Vodafone, although as already mentioned sold only in areas without direct ADSL, limiting does not comparable.

Together with the modification of the conditions of 4 G at home, also noticed that Orange has changed the ability of its bonus of extra information for users of mobile Internet rates. While rates of animals for smartphone customers have enabled by default the service of + megs to add 1 euro each additional 100 MB, one of the three available rates for mobile Internet users will see reduced speed automatically to 64 Kbps (previously 128 Kbps) but if you want to sail at full speed, the only alternative has going from 600 to 800 MB and 6 to 8 euros. In principle, the same comparable price but that billing in larger blocks, it can make you pay more if you don’t agotas them completely.

So are the rates for mobile Internet from Orange

If you have problems viewing the table, you can also see it from this link.