New Angry Birds Game on the Road, a Turn-Based Role Playing Game

Angry Birds switches genre once again, this time around, there is talk about an avian role-playing game.

Rovio does these days ready to launch yet another new game after their last Mario Kart-like game with birds. This time, there are apparently thought in completely new tracks, Angry Birds Epic as the game is called, is a turn-based role playing game, and although the details are still scanty, we must assume that it will mean lots of changing characters, upgradeable attributes and new battles to be fought.

Supposedly, it will also have a great influence to do various things inside the game, you will be able to buy materials with in-game currency (or real money of course) and thus make bigger and better weapons or armor to his birds.

I can’t help but think about the endless possibilities there are for in-app purchase in such a game, already have their last Kart games had a few too many of this kind of inclinations, I thought.

The game will be launched soon in Canada and Australia, but other countries following thereafter. Watch the trailer below.