New Emulator of Nintendo 64 Which You Can Try on Your Android

As we have already highlighted more than once, much like us to play with a mobile phone or tablet Android, regardless of the type of game and even rescuing old glories of the gaming machines. Another possibility that we have become in the Android Market was the install emulators of old consoles and load the ROMs of games mythical, but finally Google decided to remove these applications, Surely under pressure from Nintendo and other developers.

Since then, that project and other style have followed existing but now aside from the Android Market and surviving thanks to Word of mouth and related forums. So deesde that same area underground, these days has jumped to scene one new developer with another new emulator for Nintendo 64, Although in this case is of a open source project, that can help all those who can contribute something.

The project and application is called Mupen64plus AE (Android Edition) and at the moment is in alpha phase quite green, but because You can download a trial version (installing it by hand from an APK). In addition, if you have knowledge on the subject and want to contribute your two cents, also You can download the source code. The interesting thing is that each user can develop their improvements and try it at their terminals, so development can be reached pretty far if he continues maturing.

With the current version seems to work decently in a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, although the developer reports at the moment is not able to rederizar some 3D objects well. In the following video you can see a brief demonstration of performance with the game Super Mario 64 on an Xperia Play.

We hope that the development of this free project go ahead successfully, although we assume that it will not enter in the Android Market, so we will keep you informed as they go out more finished versions.

For my part, I could test on the Asus Eee Pad Transformer the N64oid of Nintendo 64 emulator that it withdrew from the Android Market. Using the tablet with the command of the PS3 experience is super fun, as you can see in the following video from the minute 2:40.