Nintendo to Float, Mobile DualSIM or Continuity in Ubuntu. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

Every day we are closer to the summer, time in which the news only speak of heat waves and jams in the absence of other news. In the mobile world today also tends to go to less, although some do not rest, but with the desire to get beach weather We have to review the relevance of the last seven days.

On this occasion touched talk about Nintendo, the utility to buy a smartphone dualSIM, of Ubuntu like going into the bout of continuity or recover the debate on the utility of SD in Android. But we already go on the ration of links of Galaxy Engadget Mobile.

  • While smartphones continue to improve their processors, memories, or cameras many of us complain as usual, scarce duration of the battery of many. Hence the success of portable batteries, which bring us from the Sony space.
  • Certainly, the arrival of Nintendo to smartphones with five games is great news. But the best news for the brand itself is as for the first time in four years they have presented positive results, as we have since Extra life.
  • There are debates that come back every so often. And now it seems that some manufacturers of terminals with Android operating system seem to give up the microSD card slot, in Engadget Android debate, Android and SD card, yes or no?
  • To move from working on a smartphone or tablet to a PC is an option that many appreciate. And while Apple already offers it and Microsoft has promised that it will also soon offer it, Ubuntu also depressed the accelerator in that sense, in Engadget.
  • Do you always carry two mobile phones in your Pocket? Sales abroad and want to stay always connected? These are just two of the possible reasons why you should get a mobile dualSIM, although you have more in MediaTrends.
  • This week have also released data on sales of smartphones in the first quarter of the year that periodically offers Kantar. In Engadget Windows tell us how Windows Phone grows at the same rate as iOS in Europe.
  • There has also been time for analyze the latest Apple MacBook and we also have double ration, hand analysis that have performed on Engadget and secondly from Applesfera, variety is the spice.
  • And to finish with the summary we have to talk about Spotify. The music streaming service seems to be planting face to YouTube and other video services, as we have since Quiviger is would be to pose the foray into the online video sector.