Nokia 620 vs HTC 8s – Who’s The Better Wp8 Basic?

Today is the newWindows phone 8-beginners- Smartphone Nokia 620. do we’s play the 8s, let against his rival from HTC,.

With the new version of Windows phone, Windows phone 8, a lot has changed: live tiles can now be customized, already on the LockScreen to get updates from “Live applications”, a new Internet Explorer (version 10) is on board, you can create a separate account for kids, and and and. To the hardware restrictions loosened up, so that now multiple-core processors and HD displays such as in the champions Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8 X or Samsung ATIV S can be used.

Apart from these three high-end devices, the remaining range of WP8 smartphones is so far quite manageable. So there’s still the upper classes model Nokia Lumia 820 and the newcomers HTC 8s. Today, the easier also equipped Nokia Lumia 620 with us for an introductory price of €269 (EIA) appears to finally. The 8s cost € 299 (MSRP) to start. Let’s see, what Smartphone entry into Windows phone 8 better succeed.

Round 1: design & appearance

No wonder HTC managed a real eye-catcher with the 8s. Especially the color version “Atlantic blue” (Blue/Blue) is chic, and also “high-rise gray” (grey/yellow) does something here. The colored Control Panel is the most distinctive design element of the 8s, the rounded and lightly textured back is 8 X very similar to its big brother, according to connecttest well in hand. 10.28 mm it is neither particularly slim, very thick, with 113 grams weight the Smartphone is pretty easy.

The Nokia Lumia 620 has brother, where that is owed more of optics as the dimensions, however, in comparison a little as the small thickness. With 11 mm, depth is almost the same as also the 14 grams – the device brings 127 grams – should do is actually not noticeable. But honestly, the design of the Lumia 620 can not convince just me, although are a total of six different colors (including light blue and pink) to choose from, but the surround on the front and rear of the shiny plastic look like simple toys Smartphone. After all, the processing quality at cnet as “excellent” is evaluated.

Round 2: display & power

When two smartphones, the screen resolution is 800 x 480 pixels. As a result that the Lumia 620 has a slightly smaller 3.8 inch display than the 4.0-incher offers 8 S, the Nokia 620 a slightly sharper display by 246 ppi, while the HTC 8s on 233 ppi comes. This difference is likely not but notice the naked eye. The ClearBlack technology is used, which ensures good contrasts, a rich black and vibrant colors with the Nokiamodel. The S-LCD display in the 8s could themselves in the test by ComputerBase for this in terms of brightness, and fails even the Lumia 820 with his ClearBlack screen contrast, which is why it should make a better figure towards the Lumia 620. HTC display with Gorilla glass against scratches is also particularly well protected, while the Lumia model only with “tempered glass” is coated.

Both models have 1 GHz dual-core processors of Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 with Adreno 305 GPU type, each supported by 512 MB of memory. Here so there is no difference, both running Windows phone 8 in the test quite liquid.

Because of the better display, the 8s can win the second round for himself.

Round 3: multimedia

In terms of memory that commits a major, unforgivable goof 8S: Although you can extend your Smartphone via MicroSD 32 GB, but the internal memory is only 4 GB. Because the operating system but allocates a large part of it, staying only about 1 GB for apps, maps, documents and email, which is far too little, if one wants to use its Smartphone also as such and not only as a phone, MP3 and video player.Multimedia files can be stored namely on the MicroSD card. When the Lumia 620 internal memory is 8 GB, so that there is actually not too much space problems. Also here can be extended externally, maximum up to 64 GB. On top of that, there are 7 GB free online storage with SkyDrive beinden models.

In terms of (re) camera, the Smartphones are again technically similar. Each is set to a 5 mega pixel LED flash camera with 720 p video and car – as well as touch focus and a physical release. While outdoor shots on both devices reasonably well succeed, praised the HTC camera connect for successful indoor shots with Flash, while wired with the Lumia while sharp shots is 620, but lamented a low abundance of detail. Two cameras, you have a number of options to, this can 620 thanks to “smart shoot” the best put together from a series of group photos. Also, you can bring certain areas of a captured image to life with “Cinema grams”. Unlike the HTC 8S waiting for the Nokia 620 also with a VGA front-facing camera for video calling.

As far as listening to music, can score 8 S with beats audio certification the HTC, leading mainly to rich, powerful bass. Unfortunately many users have complained already of a constant soft noise, impacting on the listening pleasure of quiet songs, such as classical pieces. Nokia has with “Nokia Music” free access to diverse song playlists you can save offline. Thanks to NFC, you can also wirelessly enjoy the music through external speakers such as the set of JBL.

No question, with the small store makes a big goof HTC, this is missing the video telephony opportunity and finally to read often from the background noise, while on the other hand a greater storage, a front-facing camera and Nokia Music – the round 3 has a clear winner with the Nokia 620.

Round 4: battery & others

While a removable 1,300 mAh battery is installed in the Nokia Lumia 620, the HTC receives 8S juice of a fixed installed 1,700 mAh battery. According to the manufacturer this allows talk time in the GSM and 9.9 hours in UMTS mode former 14.6 hours, while HTC is waived for official information on the product page. Engadget vergleichte the duration of the two devices under full load and could one get out the Lumia longer duration 11 minutes (3:41 to 3:30 h). The larger battery capacity does not always better values. Otherwise, the Nokia device at Engadget has been through two days on average, what goes for a Smartphone in the beginners segment completely in order. In the Teltariftest it, says the HTC 8s “make it […] Usually no problems throughout the day”. Ultimately both batteries but probably the scales adhere, and transit times always depend on the personal profile of the application.

As regards the remaining facilities, there is Wi-Fi over here as over 802.11 a / b / g / n, HSPA +, Bluetooth, A-GPS, GLONASS and micro-USB. The Nokia Lumia 620 offers as mentioned also NFC for wireless data transmission. Yet the free Navi-suite at Nokia with the application of “Nokia maps”, “Nokia Drive” is remarkable and “Nokia transport”. The special is that you can download the maps before starting off Wi-Fi and then offline who can take. To do this you have “Nokia city compass” an app integrates with the get displayed additional information via augmented reality to the attractions or restaurants, which is just in front of the lens.

Round 4 is close to the Nokia Lumia 620, there more extra features such as NFC and the free navigation package has.


It was a close tie, which ultimately really can decide none of the devices. The Lumia has an extensive software package, NFC, a front-facing camera for Skype conversations and mind above all really wrong, while you really thick must chalking on the small internal memory the 8s. Who needed but only a few apps and no cards on his Smartphone and places more value on look & feel, meets with the HTC device probably the better choice because it looks nicer and still offers the better screen.