Nokia Has no Intention to Harass Competitors

After Microsoft bought part of Nokia, says it remains part of Nokia that they will not take advantage of all their patents to bother competitors.

According to Nokia’s production unit has been bought by Microsoft says a Nokia back in Finland which holds large amounts of patents, as they can potentially earn a great deal of money on. Some in the industry fear that the new Nokia can turn out to be a “Patent Troll” who charge a lot of money and are going to companies in court, purely to make money.
Nokia therefore comes with a statement that they do not change their policy or want to bother new or old competitors more than the highest need. The statement comes after the Chinese State has approved Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s production unit. China was the last bump in the road for the deal between Microsoft and Nokia.

Nokia has agreements with over 60 of the largest competitors, which means that they may use the patents under conditions designed to ensure fair competition and that there is no difference whether it’s Apple, Samsung and Microsoft. Often these conditions of win-win situations, since Nokia has patented knowledge that require large research and it will be knowledge that many would have to spend a lot of time, even unnecessary researching. And there is no reason to reinvent the wheel, if you can already buy it.

Nokia has been in the telephone industry since the beginning and with a whole series of patents from the last 20 years, it’s practically impossible, to do anything less about smartphones, without that Nokia has a patent you should pay for.