Nokia X Apps Is Now Ported to Android 4.1.2+

Fix developers have taken selected Nokia X applications and made sure they can run on Android from version 4.1.2.

Barely a week ago, we could tell about Nokia X now had been hacked to run Google apps, so Google Play, Google Maps, and more. The development also goes the other way, although it’s probably not as interesting for General Android user.

Users from XDA-Developers has managed to move a number of Nokia applications from Nokia X for Android (version 4.1.2 onwards).

First of all, you can gain access to Nokia’s app store, although it is a bit useless, all applications can be found at Google Play, but if you’d like to try the more information can be found at XDA-Developers here.

More and more useful applications have also been moved, all can be installed to locate an apk file and install it on your phone, however, requires one of them to the phone is rooted.

Nokia X Launcher (requires root) is the simple tile-based startup screen as Nokia X users use to access their applications.

Nokia Email is a simple email client based on the known from stock Android.

Nokia Music similar to the music player from the Android 2.1 with slightly updated graphics, reportedly is not worth spending too much time on.

Nokia File Explorer is a simple app to manage files, however, reported that some error when you try to move or delete files.

The most interesting must certainly be Nokia’s Launcher which however requires that your phone is rooted. There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking in this development and personally I find it more exciting to follow the trend in the other direction, in other words forcing Nokia X to make Google’s applications. But if you want to have a bite of Nokia on his Android phone, then this is an option.