Nokia X Pre-Ordered in One Million Copies in China

Nokia X has just four days after it became possible to pre-book it in China, got off to a flying start.

Although there is no question of a top model with eight-core processor and 3-4 GB of RAM, so is the launch of Nokia X certainly one of the very interesting topics to follow this year.
With prices ranging from 600 dollars for the cheap Nokia X 1,000 DKK for Nokia model XL, Nokia X fight for market share in the lower segments.

In China, the phone got off to a flying start already before it can be delivered. In less than four days there are registered over a million pre-orders of Nokia’s new Android phone. It is also one of the markets expected to become a huge success Nokia X, a report from Umeng shows that 35 percent of the country’s 700 million smartphones cost less than $ 150 (about 800 dollars)-in other words, there is a staggering large market for cheap phones like Nokia must enter and conquer.

Equally interesting will be to see the development in the global market where Nokia X + and Nokia XL launches with slightly improved specifications. The phones can already be ordered around Europe, including Spain and Germany.