Nokia’s New Magnifying App Can Help, When Falcons Looking Fails [Tip]

If the fine print really is not to read, so can the new “Nokia Pocket Magnifier” app might help Windows Phone users.

Most of us might not want to admit that the old Falcons overview tend failure, when it read fine print on the contract, giro card or perhaps the summons.

There may be a need for a rapid scale-up, even though that most of us don’t own a magnifying glass. Instead the party of us can boast of a smartphone, and you should be in favour of its Windows Phones, then you have just been given an advantage granted. 

Nokia has created a free “Nokia Pocket Magnifier” app that you can download from Windows Phone Store here. It can help the visually impaired in a jiffy with forgot the glasses, so let’s just jump out of it:

-When the app is downloaded and you open it for the first time, you will be presented a little guide that shows the app’s features.

The app will then start up like a regular camera app. At the bottom you will see three icons.

-Furthest to the left is the icon for the gallery. It is including that you can see stored images from the app.

-Middle is the pause button to the viewfinder. So it is here that you breaks the picture as you’re looking at.

-Furthest to the right is the icon of filters. Below you can choose pre-installed filters that can help you clarify what you are looking at.

If you press the three horizontal dots in the lower-right corner, then you have the opportunity to revisit the view the aforementioned tips (guides). In addition, you can place a slider on the screen, so you don’t need to “pinch to zoom in and out”.

Remember to “Nokia Pocket Magnifier” works as a camera app, so you can, of course, focus, by tapping on the screen, and save images for later use.