Of The Application from Android Market 3.1.5 Update Via OTA

Just 1 month ago we announced that the Android Market was updating to the version 3.1.3, with the possibility to install it by hand for the more impatient or for those who were not getting it for some reason. On that occasion, as many reflejasteis in the comments, with this new version the Market it was you slower, both in the navigation sections as in the initial charge. It seems that this ruling have reviewed it the guys at Google than with the new update to the 3.1.5 It would solve.

In my case, last night I read the news and this time I didn’t try the direct download, as with my two mobile phones, the Xperia Arc in both the Nexus S, the version 3.1.3 It was stable and without problems serious, except for some errors to mark me as not installed applications.

After the silent update to the version 3.1.5 via OTA (via WiFi or 3G), it seems that the problems of initial charging and slowdown among the sections they have gone in most of the cases I’ve read. A visual change that you can see is that the size of the icons your application icons downloads now are out of proportion, because before they were tiny. It also seems that the Download toolbar application is more generous and, as a novelty, we will now be able Stop download an application with by clicking on the button which is on your right.

On the other hand, in my case, they have not disappeared failures not installed applications that are. This problem can be solved temporarily deleting the application and all of its data, but is not recommended since we will lose all the information generated with this application.

This same method can work for users who cannot update them the application from the Android Market, although it is not miraculous. Through the applications menu, you will have to force the closing of the application of the Market. Then deletes all the data on it and then uninstall it. With luck, after return to launch it and hit the clauses you should download and present the latest version. In any case, you already have the version 3.1.5, you see improvements with respect to the previous version?