OnePlus One Processor Upgrade from Snap Dragon 800 to 801

Future OnePlus One owners can now look forward to a Snapdragon 801 processor which also sits in HTC’s latest top model.

Many upcoming and aspiring OnePlus One owners were not slow to express less dissatisfaction with OnePlus’s choice of processor for their upcoming smartphone. They had committed themselves to a Snapdragon processor, 800 and even if it is not impossibly old-fashioned yet, it’s not the last new screams which among other things also sits in the HTC One M8.

OnePlus has supposedly heard the criticism and taken it to heart, an update of the specifications have sneaked in an update of their cover image on Google +, here emerges a Snapdragon 801 as the choice of processor.

It is quite commendable, according to, that the company is in close dialogue with their future customers so that they can (and will) make hardware changes so late in the process. The phone is set to be officially unveiled on 23 april.