OnTheFly, The Finder of Flights of Google for Android

In the summer of last year, Google acquired the company ITA software to get into the sector of the searches of flights. A couple of weeks ago he launched in your browser Google Flights for us where to find the cheapest flight and today updated OnTheFly for Android.

OnTheFly is an application of ITA software to compare prices that already has almost a year available in the Android Market, but is now updated to version 1.21 and it appears the logo of Google which becomes already in its official application to search for flights.

The application is in English, but if the language is not a problem we can find flights around the world by comparing prices on many airlines, in Spain we miss less several lowcost, such as Ryanair or EasyJet, but is expected to eventually they add to the search engine of Google flights.

A single search can search among several airports are close to always get the best price between the selected dates. If we choose our date is flexible we will get a graph to see easily that dates is cheaper travel. Among your options we can choose the type the type of seat (first class, business class and economy class), if we want to make scales or not, etc…

The application will show us a list with all prices pointing out the most economical choice, but we can not buy the flight from the application, Google now does not want to offer that option, which will play to call the airline or go to their website.