Orange Aims to Unlimited Data with Your New Rate Hummingbird But Only for Facebook and Twitter

Talk about unlimited data on your mobile It has become fashionable among operators since the arrival of the myriad of Yoigo rate and although really no operator offer them really, if we are knowing proposals as the temporary promotion of Vodafone or the new rate Orange Hummingbird It will be available in the next few days.

But the price marked on the myriad rate does not seem to be improved in the short term by none of the traditional operators for that Orange has sharpened wit to speak of unlimited data although it is limiting its use exclusively to the navigation in social networks like Facebook or Twitter, and yet the maximum speed will be reduced if you overcome the 10 GB.

With the new rate Hummingbird, Orange also follows the path marked by Movistar and sets in 11.95 EUR the minimum quota of their portfolio of rates to speak and surf instead of improving the terms of the squirrel that tariff previsilemente will remain despite be nothing attractive, especially if compared with the cheaper rates for Amena, Simyo or the rest of MVNOs.

Apart from the unlimited navigation on Twitter and Facebook, the rate includes Hummingbird 1 GB for the rest of internet consumption as some videos, which despite being able to be on facebook, they are uploaded on other platforms like YouTube. Excess data for consumption outside of these social networks after 1 GB will be charged to 1 euro each 100 MB but change can be obtained by reduction to 32 Kbps.

For this rate calls, finally Orange lowers the rate per minute at 0 cents After becoming almost standard two years ago and maintains the call at 18.15 cents. Unless the establishment, Orange does not rise 20 cents as if he has done Movistar or the own Orange in their print rates.

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