Orange Also More Expensive Kangaroo with The Excuse of Increasing The Megabytes of Its Convergent

Closed the purchase of Jazztel, Orange already have a free hand to follow in the footsteps of Movistar and Vodafone in relation to new pricing policies with which operators seek to curb the fall of income who are suffering since the start of the crisis and thus, according to them, to continue to maintain the pace of investment in the new 4G networks and fiber.

Although we had seen some changes of nuances in Orange affecting the establishment of call, some print rates and also at the current rate, Toucan, the new prices in the convergent offer Kangaroo It is the most striking so far and is a fee increase that will affect both the main line and additional lines from 20 September 2015 even though it will not reach the $ 5 Movistar but if it matches the rise of Vodafone.

Like its rivals, Orange has chosen to soften the rise in price with the increase of 500 MB additional affected rates although in general, such improvements affects a small percentage of customers while to rise in quota affects everyone equally.

The changes will affect both existing customers and new ones to MoviStar and will be paid two euros per month for main lines with unlimited Kangaroo or Kangaroo savings while the additional lines will increase one further euro Additional savings and unlimited additional. The additional baseline is saved from changes in price and increase in megabytes for the moment.

And although so far we have been able to confirm the changes, there are indications that are in Orange preparing something that can make these more attractive rates so the addition of 500 MB can be just the beginning. But at the moment there is no clue of where shots can go because the rumored fiber to 300 megs might not be the icing on the cake… Will be Orange thinking of higher speeds or other additives such as lowering your Orange TV? Perhaps, your edge with be unique in offering symmetrical speeds make them conveniently wait to see the reactions of its rivals now that they are also closing the Soccer prices. The answer know it as much on September 20.

So is the Orange Kangaroo convergent offer

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