Orange Also Points to The More Megs in Exchange for Small Rises, Now in The Dolphin and Whale

It may sound to us again, but is that you so, 2015 is being the first year in a time in which telecommunications instead of going to the low price is going to rise. We have thus seen as Movistar and Vodafone they have more expensive rates mobile and converged, always under the pretext of offering more megs or services.

And until recently from Orange they were being more cautious, maybe that the purchase of Jazztel they authorized by the need that from Brussels. But once we receive the approved, we saw as they rise the convergent rates or the Toucan, and now the shift is to the dolphin and whale.

It is true that each time users spend more data, demand ante which operators already reacted with the launch of the data credits extra. But taking advantage of that need, the major brands are using that argument to unilaterally changing rates, offering more megs in Exchange for higher fees.

In this way, Orange is communicating the Dolphin to rate users as of October 4 your rate will rise a monthly euro in Exchange for receiving 500 megs more, while whale users will see as your bill goes up two euros a month in Exchange for increased see your data in a giga bonus.

Small rise, although indispensable

Watching the movement of the company, surely there will be users who les is worth paying that euro or two euros, very slight rises for the increase of data occurring. But and users who don’t need more megs? Is the eternal debate unilateral changes to contracts by operators.

It should not be so difficult to maintain their current conditions already customers of these rates, or that could happen to the new conditions on request. That is not ever being the choice of the operators, which they simply warn users with one month in advance and give them the option to flee without penalty fee.

Orange mobile tariffs as well is

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