Orange Burst Football Price: 9,95 Euros Per Month for All League and Cup

9,95 EUR per month. This is the price that Orange customers will have to pay to see all the League of professional football (Liga BBVA) (including the “great game” of the day) and a large part of the Copa del Rey, as the operator confirmed today. In the official statement explained that it is a “discounted price” for the season and, for access to it, will not need to hire any additional television (either the basic pack).

In addition, and as specified, emissions will be in HD and you can access it through multiple devices, including SmartTV, smartphones, tablets and PCs. With these conditions the French limit the movements of Vodafone and especially Movistar, which last year had been asking 15 euros per month for your pack.

Many were who demanded an offer to access all football contained in economic, and it seems that this will be their season. Orange will offer to all its customers across the League and the Copa del Rey for 9.95 euros per month, with the only requirement being a client of fixed or rate kangaroo. All this with multi-device access and No permanence.

Orange offer is undoubtedly aggressive, not only in price but also in conditions. It will not be necessary to hire the basic channels of the operator pack to access the football, and all who hire him will have a cable box plugged in to their TV, free and without permanence.

Blow to Movistar?

Although initially there was speculation that some operators might renounce the issuance of football due to the high price demanded by Movistar (in fact, Euskaltel and R seem to have been left out), yesterday we knew that both Orange and Vodafone Yes had reached an agreement with the blue operator. This morning was Vodafone which confirmed the news in a press release, although without giving prices.

In fact, the topic of prices is the great unknown that Movistar has still not disclosed, something strange when August is not exactly known for being the best month to attract customers and having the League about to begin. Vodafone and Telecable have still moved tab, Orange being the first to advance their plans.

From Orange, it seems that they have “pulled the House out the window”, as you say, since expected prices to move around 15 or 20 euros of previous years. With these figures likely to lose money, but are so attractive that they may seek “do harm” to Movistar more than anything else.

Orange will surely lose money with this offer, but it is a major “stick” for Movistar, to see how responsive now

The ball It is now on the roof of Movistar. They will respond with a price attractive ta as the Orange or continue to theirs? We will see. Meanwhile, and if you think that all this soap opera is near completion, I feel say it isn’t so: MediaPro has sent a note denying having reached any agreement with Movistar to distribute beIN SPORTS, the channel where the Champions League and the Europa League, in addition to other international leagues will be offered. They have offerings “operators” Although “they are analyzing them” and they have not made a decision. We have mess for some time.