Orange Fiber Will Reach 10 Million Households in 2016 and So Is The Front Deployment Rivals

Much has changed the forecasts of operators in the deployment of fiber Since Movistar announced their first deployments on a large scale until ONO and Jazztel were acquired by Vodafone and Orange respectively. Today, with the purchase of Jazztel closer, Orange has given new data on the State of its fiber and its future plans.

Specifically, Orange currently with around 2.3 million of real estate units passed with fiber to which added 3.2 million corresponding to Jazztel, which makes a total of 4.8 million households and local Once deducted the 720,000 duplicate real estate units that must be sold according to the conditions imposed from Brussels.

Along with forecasts of Jazztel’s continue deploying fiber to end 2015 about adding another 2 billion additional real estate units, Orange has confirmed that it expected to accelerate deployment of fiber in Spain significantly to achieve in 2016 a total of 10 million of real estate units According to estimates will affect growth and expected return.

So are the plans for the deployment of fiber in Spain

Movistar Vodafone Orange
Current scope 10 million real estate units 8.3 million real estate units 2.3 million real estate units
Forecast 2016 14 million real estate units 11 million real estate units 10 million real estate units
See rates Offer convergent Movistar Offer convergent Vodafone Offer convergent Orange

No doubt all a feat for Orange which seeks to duplicate the deployment in a year again to Vodafone even if estimates of future unfolding apart, estimates may vary in the short term Since it depends greatly of the regulation of the fiber which finally will the CNMC and who should not take to resume now that there is approval for the purchase of Jazztel.

The regulation will depend on that Movistar will discourage the deployment of its fiber slowing arrival to any corner or who stays with one competitive level offer varied regardless of the operator that is first deployed in less profitable areas. Fundamental aspects to continue shaping the future of telecommunications in Spain which we will follow closely unraveling on Engadget Mobile.