Orange Is Targeting Voice HD, with an Initial Deployment in Five Autonomous Communities

Currently we live submerged at the time of the data and the operators know it. Why rates renovations focus on grow bonds data, while companies continue to expand their 4G coverage, with the added use of the 800 MHz band recently.

But there is also time to enhance the appearance of the voice and not talk about best rates for calls. We talk about calls of voice in high definition, which after reaching Vodafone and Movistar, they will now be available to Orange customers without additional costs, with an initial deployment in five autonomous communities.

Smartphones makers have already done their work to improve the quality of our calls, incorporating a second microphone for noise cancellation. Therefore, now the shift is for operators. The HD voice that are implementing allows eliminate background noise, hear more nuances in tones of voice or better recognition.

In the case of Spain the HD voice is available in certain cities from October on Vodafone and Movistar in March, and now Orange joins rivals. The French have already activated voice in high definition in most of Catalonia, Madrid, Aragon, La Rioja and Comunidad Valenciana, completing the deployment during the summer.

From the operator they have wanted to emphasize that the HD voice is available for all their individual or business clients, both in contract as prepayment, no additional charge. The improvement in the quality of calls will be appreciated in calls between customers of the same operator with a compatible mobile phone, more than 170 models according to Orange.