Orange No Excess Data Charges, But Will Reduce Still More Speed Spent The Megas

Last week we saw as Movistar took an historic step. For the first time a network operator all their tariffs eliminated the possibility to continue navigating at reduced speed after consuming the data included in the bonus, to collect their new users or customers who change rate 1.5 cents for each extra mega, up to 500 megs.

This movement made us suspect that Movistar would not be the only operator that jump, since their step up the establishment of call to 20 cents was also followed by other operators. And today we know the change in policy of excess data from Orange, which will not eliminate the possibility of reducing the speed, but if that a little more choke that speed.

It will be from the end of this month when Orange (more) will reduce the speed of the connection of all users of mobile rates. The current 32 or 64 Kbps that currently fall fares after consuming data including all of them will go to 16 kbps, taking the step that we saw as they gave other operators.

There is no charge for excess but …

Therefore, Orange does not follow foot juntillas steps of Movistar, which does not give no option to avoid paying for excess data, but this measure invites its users to acquire data bonus extra. With 16 kbps communications are impossible, limiting ourselves to little more than power flat messages (no media).

Few will not be those who end up resorting to the 100 Megs extra euro that offers the operator after checking that the 16 kbps are not worth for (almost) anything. At least we can think that Movistar took almost two years since it reduced the speed at this same speed until he finally decided to charge for excess.

They do not charge for excess, but the invitation to buy bonds extra is in the foreground

What seems clear is that they are not good times for mobile phone users. Among the large operators are seeing movements that invite us to think that they don’t fight too, so think of that will come the day where all we charge by the excess of data does not seem too crazy.