Orange Will Have Symmetrical Speed in All Their Fiber Tariffs to Choose between 30 and 300 Megs

After the vitamin convergent offers of Movistar and Vodafone, rise in price and improvements included, was missing Orange to respond to the 300 megs Movistar, which also has the advantage in television and coverage, as well as Vodafone having more gigabytes, WiFi and greater variety of rates that can help save.

Orange Kangaroo will be brand linked to the fixed package, ADSL or fiber and mobile, while maintaining prices that were recently risen and its advantage in offering symmetrical speed with fiber, now 30 or 300 megs and under a cover of fiber that expands to 5 million homes with its integration with Jazztel.

New speeds, same price

The new Kangaroo are reduced to the same two speed options of fiber that offers Movistar and stops along the 100 Megs that only Vodafone offers already but not too attractive as that for only one euro more, Orange offers 300 megs symmetrical.

The simpler fiber mode will go for new customers and for the current requesting it, 5/50 to 30/30 megs from 43.95 EUR While the maximum speed will be of 300/300 megs from 55.95 euros instead of the 100 and 200 Megs to comercilaizaban so far. The phone will include 150 minutes and 1.5 GB or 12 euros, unlimited calls to 3 GB.

Television will remain optional and will keep the price regardless of rate chosen Kangaroo instead of applying best conditions according to tariff as it does Vodafone or including it mandatory as Movistar. So Orange continues to be the most flexible to see soccer which does not oblige to hire the Family Pack plus add Canal + series as new optional channel.

In addition, you can try the fiber at maximum speed of 300 megs megs 30 three months as promotion-priced

Target: 10 million households in 2016

Fiber network coverage remains one of the main obstacles to break down if operators want to compete in equal conditions and not to rely on what the CNMC rule in an uncertain future. For this reason, Orange wanted to highlight that with the acquisition of Jazztel not only did five times the reach of their fiber if that is not intended to achieve 7 million by the end of 2015 and 10 million next year.

To the front, Movistar which aims to reach 14 million homes this year and Vodafone, which already has 8.3 million and he sought to reach 11 million in 2016, at least while Orange had not shown their cards. Now we’ll see if this announced has any effect on the rate of investment to accelerate the deployment of fiber or not.

So is the offer complete convergent rates Kangaroo Orange