Arabian Peninsula

Arabia – Arabian Peninsula

Arabia, the great peninsula of southwest Asia, is limited to the north by Jordan and Iraq, to ​​the east by the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, to the south by the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden and to the west by Red Sea. It is one of the least densely populated […]

Angola Country Facts

Angola Country Facts

Angola, an independent state in southwest Africa; limited to the north and east by the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire), to the east by Zambia, to the south by Namibia and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The Angolan territory is divided by a strip of ancient Zaire that goes to the sea, […]

End of the Berlin Wall

Germany Country Facts Part III

End of the Berlin Wall East German leader Erich Honecker, in power since 1971, has resisted the wave of liberalization in the communist bloc unleashed in 1985 by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbatchov. In 1989, thousands of East Germans moved to West Germany via Hungary and Austria. In October, pro-democracy demonstrations in Leipzig prompt the East […]

Germany Nazism

Germany Country Facts Part II

Historical facts The origins of German national identity go back to the 10th century BC, when Teutonic tribes settled in the present territory of Germany. The region was conquered by Julius Caesar in 53 BC and suffered invasions from the Huns in the 5th century. Between 772 and 802, the French emperor Charlemagne annexed Saxony, […]

Germany Economy

Germany Country Facts Part I

Europe’s main economic power, Germany is the major point of contact between the developed West and the countries of Eastern Europe. Its territory is on fertile and arable land and has a heavily industrialized economy – with emphasis on the pharmaceutical, chemical and engine areas. It is the cradle of political and philosophical schools, of […]

Cliffs in the bay of Cala Varques

Most Beautiful Beaches in Northeast Mallorca

Jewels in the northeast of Mallorca Cala Torta The perfect place to enjoy nature is Cala Torta, a slightly larger bay near the city of Artà. The sand here is a bit coarse-grained and stony, but that doesn’t detract from the bathing experience. Since the bay drops into the sea relatively quickly, the beach is […]

Machu Picchu - Galapagos

Machu Picchu – Galapagos

On this trip you get the opportunity to visit two of the world’s most appreciated destinations; Machu Picchu in Peru and Galapagos in Ecuador. Peru is a country with a very friendly population and here we get to experience magnificent nature combined with exciting history. On the journey we visit the fertile and important Inca […]

Great Western United States

Great Western United States

Join Phoenix on a wonderful trip to the western United States. For two weeks we get to experience some of the USA’s most fascinating cities such as Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles. We also get the pleasure of marveling at the wonders of nature at Grand & Bryce Canyon and in Yosemite National […]

Vienna - Wien

Sights in Vienna

The approximately 415 km² Austrian capital Vienna, with currently 2.8 million inhabitants, is home to around a third of the total population of the Alpine country. As the political center of the Austrian Empire from 1804 to 1918, Vienna was a metropolis with world renown. Even if its global importance was largely lost due to […]


Havana Travel Guide

Havana is the most atmospheric city in the Caribbean. Havana, the charmingly dilapidated capital of Cuba, attracts tourists with its distinctive culture, old cars and rhythmic nightlife. Decay romance in the Cuban capital According to DigoPaul, the capital of Cuba, Havana, is a city of more than two million inhabitants, which charms the visitor with […]


Vientiane Travel Guide

In Vientiane, the capital of Laos, you can experience relaxed local life and enjoy top restaurants. The largest city in Laos, Vientiane, is not too big either. Situated along the Mekong River, the French-influenced Vientiane is a peaceful holiday destination for adults. EXPORT AS A DESTINATION Calm but not boring There is often a persistent […]


Kaunas Travel Guide

Kaunas is suitable for a city holidaymaker’s weekend destination. In addition to the fascinating Old Town, Lithuania’s second largest city offers affordable shopping and nature experiences. Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania, surprises with its cozy city center and shopping opportunities. An easy and affordable city destination a short flight away According to DigoPaul, Kaunas is […]

this is how I bargain in Asia

7 Tips to bargain in Asia

Do you always kindly pay for what is asked when traveling? Or are you always trying to get as cheap as possible? Here are 7 tips for your next trip to Asia that will help you get the gifts cheaply without your conscience starting to ring. 1) Always keep small banknotes with you When visiting […]

Austria Immigration Statistics

Austria Culture and Traditions

Customs and traditions According to Abbreviationfinder, Austria has a long tradition as a tourist destination and in many places is characterized by a pleasant atmosphere and hospitality to visitors. Many Austrians are proud of their country, not least the beautiful alpine landscape. Protecting the environment is important and many people spend their time on skiing […]

Belarus Immigration Statistics

Belarus Culture and Traditions

Customs and traditions According to Abbreviationfinder, Belarus has for centuries been part of the Russian cultural sphere and shares in many and many neighboring customs and customs, although influences also exist from other neighboring countries. Men usually greet by shaking hands. Women who know each other can greet by kissing their cheeks, otherwise it is […]

Belgium Immigration Statistics

Belgium Culture and Traditions

Customs and traditions According to Abbreviationfinder, Belgium is not a very homogeneous country, for many residents the regional identity is more important than the Belgian one. A large proportion of the residents also have their roots in foreign cultures. Some unifying symbols exist, such as the national team in football and the royal house – […]

Bosnia and Herzegovina Immigration Statistics

Bosnia and Herzegovina Culture and Traditions

Culture Bosnia has always been at the intersection of different empires, ethnic groups and religions, leaving traces in the culture. Slavic traditions have been mixed with oriental culture during centuries of Turkish influence and influences from the Central European Habsburg Empire. Sarajevo was the main symbol of this multifaceted cultural wealth. An expression of these […]

Bulgaria Immigration Statistics

Bulgaria Culture and Traditions

Customs and traditions With regard to traditions and customs, Bulgaria has many similarities with the other Balkans and with other neighboring countries. Among the ethnic Bulgarians, many identify strongly with the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, including as bearers of the country’s culture and language. According to Abbreviationfinder, the country also houses many other ethnic groups that […]

Croatia Immigration Statistics

Croatia Culture and Traditions

Culture Croatian culture has been influenced by the powers that have ruled parts of the country for centuries – Austria, Hungary and Italy. With the so-called Illyrian movement in the 19th century, a unified Croatian literature emerged. The movement’s goal was to create a united South Slavic kingdom with a common culture. Until the First […]

Czech Republic Immigration Statistics

Czech Republic Culture and Traditions

Customs and traditions It is common to health by shaking hands, and there are unspoken rules on how to do it. When two people meet, the younger person is expected to wait until the older man initiates a handshake. If you know each other, it is common to greet each other with a hug or […]

Denmark Immigration Statistics

Denmark Culture and Traditions

Customs and traditions Perhaps the most important thing may be to point out that Danes and Swedes are very similar. It is possible that Danes are generally relatively informal – both in their contacts with each other and in clothing – although it differs slightly depending on age and situation. The older generation is still […]

Estonia Immigration Statistics

Estonia Culture and Traditions

Customs and traditions Native languages ​​and the motherland are important identity creation concepts for the Estonian majority population, which account for almost 70 percent of the population. According to Abbreviationfinder, Estonian identity has strong roots in the values ​​of the old peasant society, which are symbolized by unspoilt nature and rustic rural culture. Folk costumes, […]

Finland Immigration Statistics

Finland Culture and Traditions

Customs and traditions According to Abbreviationfinder, Finland is one of Europe’s most unified countries in terms of population and culture. Despite strong influences from, among others, Sweden, Germany and Russia, Finland has managed to retain its language and many of the Finnish traditions. However, there is a certain difference between the coastal areas which are […]

France Immigration Statistics

France Culture and Traditions

Culture French culture has played an important role in European civilization. Not least during the Enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries, French culture had a significant position, and the country has maintained a strong influence ever since. France is, among other things, the country that has been awarded the most Nobel Prizes in literature. […]

Germany Immigration Statistics

Germany Culture and Traditions

Culture Regionalism, which is one of the basic features of German history, is clearly noticeable in cultural life. There is no self-written cultural metropolis but many cultural centers, which have been built up over the centuries. Nor does the federal government pursue a central cultural policy. The Ministry of Culture exists only at the state […]

Greece Immigration Statistics

Greece Culture and Traditions

Customs and traditions Spending time with Greeks is not very complicated. Be polite, take care when greeting and shake hands with children. Don’t ask too personal questions to people you don’t already know well, it can be perceived as haunting. Try to keep eye contact with the person you are talking to, be prepared for […]

Hungary Immigration Statistics

Hungary Culture and Traditions

Customs and traditions A light kiss on both cheeks, the left one first, is the normal way to greet each other when Hungarian friends meet. Otherwise, a hand greeting will suffice, although a man who greets a woman should wait for her to reach out first. If you become a home visitor to a Hungarian […]

Iceland Immigration Statistics

Iceland Culture and Traditions

Customs and traditions The contact networks between Icelanders are usually dense and a large part of the population know each other. What happens in public life often affects people personally. Icelandic society is socially equal in comparison with most other countries. Everyone addresses each other with first names. Only the president and the bishop are […]

Ireland Immigration Statistics

Ireland Culture and Traditions

Ireland has a rich cultural life with long traditions, not least in literature, with names such as Jonathan Swift, James Joyce, William Butler Yeats, Roddy Doyle and Anne Enright. Even in music, groups like U2 and The Pogues have hit big in many parts of the world. Thanks to medieval monks, not only religious literature […]

Italy Immigration Statistics

Italy Culture and Traditions

Customs and traditions According to Abbreviationfinder, the Italians are often described as outgoing people who like to talk and talk a lot, and they make a more polite impression than most northern Europeans. A visitor should therefore think of things like keeping the door open to others, especially women, and not be seated when greeting […]