Pajama party: João Gabriel-9 Years Old

The Elite Squadron convenes boys as young as 14 for a weekend at the camp. Come prepared. The mission is of high risk

“He loved sleeping in the tents with his great friends” Joana da Costa, mother

The tents were already set up when the first guests arrived. Joao Gabriel Leal was waiting for the presentation of his friends on the battlefield. The survival kits were delivered as each one enlisted for the ” Pajama Party ” mission .

The adventure was prepared for the celebration of João Gabriel’s nine years. Filled with all the necessary supplies, a lot of animation and watered down to video games, the small militants were ready for the night. In the survival kit, the galerinha won a backpack with hygiene items and personalized pajamas. It was all arranged for the mess!

The weapons to deal with at the camp were stuffed with lots of chocolate, love apple and unmissable cookies! The children, of course, loved the result. They spent the whole dawn falling in laughter and playing Call of Duty.


  • Videogames:Four models of video games have been made available for recreation. It had PS3, PS4, Xbox one and Xbox 360. The fun was so much that John Gabriel and his friends stayed until six in the morning playing
  • Stepping on the grass:To bring more reality to the decor, synthetic grass rugs were deployed all over the floor of space

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