Photo App Dualshot Perpetuates the Whole Thing-Both in Front of and Behind the Lens [Tip]

Who says that friends absolutely must cover for the beautiful views, when Dualshot easily combines two separate photos in one.

We have previously shown this Tip: here is the photographers’ top 20 of photo apps for your phone. Many Danes are using increasingly mobile, when Facebook must be upgraded with the new profile.

However, it can be difficult to find the head and tail of the many apps, especially when not all exist for both iOS, Android and Windows Phone. If you own a smartphone, that houses the latter operating system, so has our site found a free and easy-to-use photo app that quickly combines 2 images in one.

The app is called Dualshot and can be downloaded for free as explained in Windows Phone Store here.

-When you start the app, you will be greeted by the above welcome, which tells of how the app works.When you press the “Get Started” on the last page, do you smoke right into the camera portion.

-From here you can now take 2 pictures, each of which takes up half of the screen.

Button with arrows is used if you want to swap around the images. This can also make both before and after the pictures are taken.

-When you are satisfied with the results, press the check mark in the middle of the screen.

At the bottom we find four buttons. Press the drop-shaped furthest to the left, so you can customize the image further with a fine filters.

The two midters are sharing buttons respectively to Facebook and Twitter. The circle on the right side offers further sharing opportunities.

Do you know other cool photo apps for Windows Phone, so like to share links in comments box.