Pimp My Droid: Live Wallpaper That Everyone Must Try

Today no one endless possibilities of escape you of customization provided by Android, which makes that two equal smartphones There are. In addition, Android Xataka we know that We all like to customise our phones to suit our tastes, so we put emphasis on analyzing the best applications of peronalizacion.

Yesterday we brought you Magic Locker, an application that allows us to customize the Lock Screen of our terminal, but today we bring you something completely different with Pimp My Droid, an interactive Live Wallpaper that will allow us to place an Android custom after our widgets.

Pimp My Droid is an application that will allow us to create our own Android in the purest style of the Mii ’ s of Nintendo, and then place it as animated wallpaper.

View the video at the original site.

The application has a lot of possibilities, with a wide palette of colors, shirts, pants, hats and more. In addition, playing on Android we will see different animations to do that our robot come alive.

Developers they promise regular updates with new clothing and animations, although the downside is that the free version of the application has limited elements and animations, and we will have to proceed to checkout to unlock them all.

Even so, the wallpaper is very fun, and as you can see in the video accompanying the article, will entertain almost all at least for a while. Without a doubt, from here We encourage you to try it and us comment if you like it or not.

Pimp My Droid Version 1.0

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: 1ManBand Studios
  • Download it in: Paid version // Free version
  • Price: €0.74
  • Category: Customization

Pimp My Droid is interactive animated 3D wallpaper. You can customize your own android with pants, shirts, hats and more. Touch the android and you will be greeted with different animations.