Pink Brooch of Peter’s Jewelry

There is no woman that could withstand a rose, aren’t you? He is the symbol of romanticism, of love, of the dating, flirting in the case of bouquets and also of conquest, because every man who is interested in a woman tends to send you a rose during the process that your achievement. And the jewels are second among female passions. But what would you do if you could have the two together: pink brooch? You can have with the Pink brooch of Peter’s Jewelry.

If you think you’ve won the rose more beautiful or perfect your beloved earrings, it’s because you haven’t seen the Pink brooch of Peter’s Jewelry. The jewelry is even a hit, to swing even the women more resistant to accessory. Shines and is so perfect that it looks just like a rose with the light the petals have foldings at the tips. And the fitting of the petals? Divine!

The Jeweler Peter’s Jewelr

Who likes jewelry with precious stones, namely, of value, cannot look upon the work of Peter’s jewellery Jewelry. The Peters Jewelry is nothing new on the market, comes to more than 20 years working in the world of accessories but became popular only in the mid 2000, when fell in like celebrities like soccer players, actors and famous singers, especially North Americans.

The Peter’s Jewelry is of Greek origin, and those who know a bit of history knows that in the art world this people has highlighted. A good example is paintings and statues of human reproduction as the statue of David, which is entitled the veins and muscles so intense that everyone thinks that the man will not walk out of the Lovre, Museum which is today leased for visitation. The famous statue the thinker is also Greek signature.

Well, all the Greeks do are very detailed, we can have a test with the Pink brooch jewelry Peter’s Jewelry, already for sale on the market.

Rose-Shaped Brooch Jewelry Peter’s Jewelry

This gem is definitely not an accessory to go around, because it is made of no less than 18 carat white gold, which gives much more charm to ask if it was in gold, the traditional gold. What gives so brightly on you don’t know tie pins of diamonds everywhere, which makes the brooch valued at more than 1 million reais. The exact amount was not disclosed by the jewelry store or by the media industry are just speculation.


Vintage Jewelry. Pin. Brooch. Sarah Coventry. by fineoldthings

Vintage Jewelry. Pin. Brooch. Sarah Coventry. by fineoldthings