Review: Family Penlight Thorfire PF

The following review is multiple, i.e. we will present several models of the same line of the brand Thorfire. This brand is offering very competitive products in relation to its price. The presented models are the Penlight PF01 PF02, PF03 and PF04.


As it is becoming customary in this brand come in a carton of quality. The headlights is sealed by a sticker of enough quality, which prevents the box from being opened and provides information about the content in the same model. The flashlight is protected by sparkling material and blister. In this case as an accessory comes from booking an o´ring. In addition the lanterns have a clip, warranty card, instruction manual and specifications in Spanish.


We have four models that despite being from the same family, has different ideas. Thorfire sets in this way two different lines. The PF01 and PF02 with less light output, but with a very sturdy body. This online it offers a model of a battery or two batteries to increase the runtime and also the power of it. These models equipped with XP-E2 led feature a coarse knurling along its body, a non-slip button, and a designed tail can be unscrewed it without problems. Clip of black anodised aluminium reflector OP, and finish front bezel of attack as well protects the glass. A robust line designed for demanding treatment.

The PF03 and PF04 are much more elegant lines. Both models have a more refined, smooth body. They come equipped with XP-G2, a smooth reflector, carry a stainless steel clip and only their line breaks in the case of the 04 to the height of the flashlight head where the form is modified slightly in order to facilitate the unscrewing of the same for the insertion of the batteries, and keep it rolling. This greater refinement is also noticed in the elegance of the switch button and some elements of the same finish, threads, prints, etc… Priori Throfire us is offering two lines differentiated for different uses.


As the Penlight can expect little width models and generous length. In this case it is thus mainly PF01 and PF02 models. The PF02 indeed is a very long and sturdy, ideal for aggressive applications, Penlight as being located in a Toolbox. Due to its size, it is not difficult to find in it without looking too, something to keep in mind in this application. The PF01 follows the same idea of robustness and generous size. In fact is more like an AA, rather than size on the other hand, in the case of a penlight nor it is unreasonable. The PF03 has a size and weight that undoubtedly make a good candidate for EDC, aside from its use as a Penlight. It is not bigger, heavier or less apparent than other AAA models with push button. The PF04 has a discreet size to be a 2AA.

UI and projection

All three models use reverse press to activate the flashlight. Once activated you can change modes without lock button. There are also differences in the UI. The scheme of ignition in the PF01 and PF02 is Lo-Mid-Hi, and Lo-Hi-Mid in the PF03 and PF04. They have no memory.

Below are different screening tests.

The first is with 4 headlights about 10 cm from the wall. It is checked as the projections of the PF03 and PF04 are almost identical, and really are the PF01 and PF02, except that the light output of the PF01 is lower than the other and the photo shows worse due to this difference. If we compare both ranges we see both neither are different while they have different led and reflectors. In fact it is curious that they are more inundadoras the PF03 and 04 even with smooth reflector.

Here are five metres of the wall images. As it was one night more than light, the first image is presented to control mode.


Below is the distribution of each model modes measured on the integrating sphere. Bibateria models deliver more lumen. The PF01 has a modest power, being the correct distribution of modes for such power. The PF02 has better performance, something above the PF03 in the high mode, and some below average mode. The most powerful of all by far is the PF04 which is capable of delivering 219 lumen.

As for the runtime, high modes are not maintained for many minutes, and its regulation is not linear, contrary to what happens in the rest of the modes. The PF04 is capable of maintaining high deliveries of power in relation to the rest of the family for much longer. I was also surprised the PF03 that gradually descends to low, but mode is able to maintain this for more than 24 hours… Then I present two graphs of runtime, one with a zoom of 90 minutes.

The first conclusion is that Thorfire continues to offer a good product for the asking price.

The second conclusion is that if you want a penlight of thorfire think well use that we’re going to give. Robustness and rough treatment, the PF01 and PF02. Elegance and power, the PF03 and PF04. If you need a flashlight for a tool box that is easy to find among the tools, very robust, the PF01 and especially the PF02 hoe. If you want to wear something more elegant, more light, more beautiful, and smaller, but also has more power the PF03 and PF04.

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