River Viiperi and Mert & Marcus Carried out Two New Looks from Versace to H & M

We continue, although with count drops, with more and more looks of the new H & M collaboration with the Versace signature. We were waiting to leave something indicative prices and finally we have a small and light idea of where are going to walk all over this little monster. The truth, not us have frightened too because if true prices will be much more affordable than it had imagiando at first by the experience in previous collaborations.

Robert Viiperi He has been commissioned to bring us the good news in a campaign conducted by the prestigious Mert & Marcus. The first models is simply Versace-inspired with a mono-look of geometric patterns and animal of which we know that the shirt will cost a 29.99 pounds than black and white to change come to be about 34.5 euros that compared with the Lanvin from last season, it’s not so outrageous.

On the other hand, the set of suit and pants in Fuchsia tones, cut slim fit and draped in black belt is simply spectacular (as we saw it a few weeks ago in the first images that were published in the collection) pity that like most things look three thousand times better in the campaign then in the store and of course in our body in front of a mirror. We are still waiting for more news.