ROM Launcher, You Will Want to Change The Appearance of Your Android

Any user, not knowledge, can be seen as your Android, unless it is one of the Google factory, it takes one interface customization imposed by the manufacturer. They are keen to use the layers to differentiate their terminals of other manufacturers, in addition to enhance certain qualities of their smartphones. Unfortunately this type of customizations, good or bad, carry a cost for the user: the lack of freedom and the usual fragmentation as a result of which do not receive updates of the operating system.

From XDA Developers, one of the most active developers on the platform forums Android, they know that we can enjoy a good customization without falling into slavery to anyone. Proof of this is ROM UI, a Launcher that will leave you open-mouthed and that will surely convince many lovers of good taste and freedom.

The Team ROU you will be responsible for giving life to ROM Launcher, Although at the moment the group is incomplete and they are looking for more developers interested in getting involved in the project, in addition to future beta-tester. So, whatever your level of interest, you can contact them via your Twitter account.

We have seen very interesting projects from the arms of XDA Developers and it is almost certain that they will get to carry out this work. Also reported that There will be a version for tablets, but not be priority will be presented after the mobile version. How good Launcher who boasts, have confirmed that it will be prepared to further customize it through themes, as do others Launcher acquaintances.

To get the long teeth have posted a video preview of what will be part of this new Launcher. Look at it and judge for yourself, but my already has convinced me. You can see some similarity with some details of other most popular Launchers. As always best to collect things that work and improve them.

At the moment this new Launcher is located in a very alpha stage and is not expected to until December 2011 appears a full version to distribute to interested parties. Before open the private beta so that the beta-tester who have signed begin to report bugs and performance. However will get you a PIN to the subject because we liked the attention to detail of this new interface very and will need to keep track of as soon have more news. Don’t miss you track!