Rosa Cha Summer, Swimsuits with Class

The Brazilian designer swimsuits, Rosa Cha, a post has earned step by step so that their models are listed on the New York catwalk. Not just once, but twice a year. And with this collection of Summer 2009 You can know why.

Rose prints you a unique to your bathroom line touch by making it more sophisticated. Many of these outfits are not to slip into the sea or to the swimming pool, but to remain langidamente tanning on the shore and show the rhinestones, ribbons and other details the Cha adds to each of its parts.

For the collection of Summer 2009, filed months ago in the New York fashion week, the Brazilian proposes a collection focused on geometric. Touches on different colors creating figures a little style Gaudí and others cut spandex in the indicated sites.

But, Rosa Cha It is much more than this simple explanation. It is to add textures, beauty and design to a piece that is becoming protagonist of specialized gateways as the swimsuit and bikini acquire a meaning more aesthetic when it comes to going to the beach.

It is one mixture of textures spandex-based but includes woven fibres, details in silk, organza, shantug u added patchwork and even pebbles.

As mentioned it above, many of these items have too much class to get wet. They are something like this as part of the style of Victoria Beckham on the beach that add jewelry and a perfect pair of heels that make the figure. The Tan is no longer optional, but it makes that the chosen colours for Rosa Cha look more.

In this collection of swimwear, the designer uses the military green, coral, white and black as a basis, according to bikinirevival. So mix the safari-style with a sense of spa that gives the play of geometric and symmetrical cuts.

Most of the collection focuses on the trikini. Merge the two parts of the classic bikini with strips of fabric in different places. The most classic is navel to his chest, but Rosa Cha It also unites them on one side and offers different cuts that reveal more the stomach and less chest or vice versa.

But what find me most beautiful of the whole collection is management gathers and jewelry to give an ethnic but very sophisticated touch to these bathing suits. Do not believe that Rosa Cha forget the Bikini, as it actually appears with a precious cross lines that give it a more elegant touch to the classic black life swimsuit.

My Favorites are the white unstructured, although I believe that my Beach body isn’t ready for the challenge and the coral with Rhinestones, which if it could get you more out. What do you?