Sales of Summer 2011, Sales of ‘Sales’? Special Purchase Online at Mango (III)

Sure that more than one already gone shopping this season of Summer 2011 and you have been seduced by the interesting discounts, the truth is that it is a good opportunity to renew basic wardrobe and why not give it some other whim. This year it seems that large retail firms have made a strong commitment coming in some cases to offer up to 70 percent discount, such as Asos.

This third installment are committed to the Spanish House Mango and his male line Homini Emerito, where can find discounts of up to half the price in garments such as t-shirts and Poles, shirts and cardigans, dress pants and Chinese and some other outer garment more palatable.

T-shirts and Poles

The cotton shirts they are the Holy and Seine more summery dress, and is that when pressed nothing better heat one go for the freshness and comfort of these garments. The Poles on the other hand they are another as universal as timeless wardrobe classics.

The wide range in this type of articles you’ve selected six that seem the most interesting, started by a style t-shirt Navy striped (before €22 now 10€), a basic cotton of v-neck low cut, available in various colors (before €17 now 8€) or a blank t-shirt with printeado in black, also with several models (formerly €19 now 9€). As for poles a must of pique, one scratched in Blue and Red, or one with large parallel strips, both cotton (all three 14€ each one, before €29).

Shirt + cardigan

It is one of the duets that never fails, and although now same truth that don’t feel like much, sure that come the autumn run to this mythical combination. The first set is formed by a white shirt with Flower print Grey (before €45 now 22€), more a dot Cardigan in blue-grey tone (formerly €49 now 24€).

This comprises the second look shirt pictures in the purest style lumberjack (formerly €49 now 24€) to match one Cardigan in marino with white and Red trim (formerly €39 now 19€). And finally a third party with shirt style Safari in beige color (before €45 now 22€) more a colorful Cardigan with multicolor stripes (formerly €35 now 17€).


For this time of the year nothing better than some dress Summer pants in cotton and linen like these in grey (formerly €49 now 24€), a few basic Chinese toasted color beds to carry reamngados bass with one or two turns (formerly €49 now 24€), or a few charge very to the point of worker such as these in dark blue style (before €29 now 22€)

Outer garments

It is this section is where we have to pay more attention since acquiring one of these items is a purchase of more intelligent, since insurance will take advantage of its use in the coming autumn season. Interesting the trench coat in beige color (before €110 now 55€), very practical the bomber in Navy Blue (formerly €69 now 34€), one hundred per cent combining this Baseball jacket point color sand (formerly €55 now 27€) and the most comfortable East parka cotton in bluish gray (formerly €120 now 60€).