It wasn’t that long ago that Salt Lake City was the hippest travel destination of the year. The metropolis in the US state of Utah hosted the Winter Olympics and hosted the whole world. The Olympic flame may have been extinguished in the meantime, but the attraction that the city exerts on an international audience has been preserved.

It’s not a miracle, although the capital of the US state of Utah is extremely godly and accordingly safe. But in addition to its many churches and the close connection to the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Saints (perhaps better known to us under the name “Mormons”) it also has many secular attractions to offer. This fact and the fact that Salt Lake City from is surrounded by beautiful nature with various sports facilities, make the city still an extremely attractive travel destination.

Encounter with the Mormons

A trip to Salt Lake City will always be an encounter with the Mormons. It was members of this church, which was religiously persecuted in the east of what is now the USA, who founded the city on July 24, 1847. 143 men, three women and two children are said to have participated in this founding act, which took place on the east coast of the Great Salt Lake. So Salt Lake City is still a relatively young city; even if its center is partially referred to as “historical”. This illustrates once more the American perspective on history. The buildings from the Wilhelminian era, which have been preserved in their original form and which blend easily with modern architecture in the city center, are already considered “old” there. That would certainly not happen to them so quickly in a major European city. However, this does not affect the optics. The flat buildings of the pioneers go well with the modern new buildings, which often have between 20 and 30 floors, but are still not classic skyscrapers. If you look at this mixture in front of the impressive panorama of the Wasatch Mountains, you will certainly not be able to ignore the charm of this skyline.

Acoustics at its best and an early vision

Even those who are not religious or at least not Christian should visit the Mormon Tabernacle Choir – it is a duty for everyone else anyway. This Christian conference center has a huge concert hall with exceptionally good acoustics. If there is no event taking place there, the hall can be visited free of charge. There will always be a few Mormons around to tell guests about the hall, its history and its stories. Another endearing feature of Salt Lake City is that its residents are hospitable and willing to provide information. In individual cases, this can also lead to an attempt at a mission. The withdrawal should then be commenced in a polite and friendly manner. With lots of fun and lots of fresh air, the traveler can immerse himself in the history of the founding fathers in “This is the place Heritage Park”. The park is a living museum that can also be visited with children. It takes its name from the vision of the church father Brigham Young, who is said to have said when the city was founded: “This is the right place” or “This is the place”.

On the trail of your own family

Also worth a visit is the Family History Library, a public library. That might sound unspectacular, but it isn’t. Because this institution specializes in the history and genealogical tree of families. Mind you, this also applies to the families of the tourists. The library staff will show anyone who asks how to get access to relevant documents in the genealogy. Incidentally, this advice is given completely free of charge. But beware! There are supposed to have been tourists who spent their entire vacation more or less only in this building, so much the genealogy had seized them. With all due respect – it would be a shame if that happened again. Because Salt Lake City also has a lot to offer outdoors.

Sports recreation is very important here

With a total population of 181,743, Salt Lake City has a distinct climate in both summer and winter that makes any type of seasonal activity doubly attractive. Since the Olympics, winter sports can of course be practiced at the highest level and the infrastructure around them is just right. Whether local public transport to the sports facilities and slopes, whether equipment rental, snack bars, restaurants and nearby hotels – everything is available. Where there is tobogganing and rolling in winter, it can also be good in summer. The mountains invite you to go hiking, Climbing and mountain biking. At the large salt lake, on the other hand, the hour of the “water rats” strikes. Those who just want to relax for a day can enjoy the beautiful parks and gardens or the city’s interesting museums; eg the natural history or art museum.

Salt Lake City - The Olympic City Has a Lot to Offer

Salt Lake City – The Olympic City Has a Lot to Offer
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