Samsung CEO Rejects Luxury Galaxy S5 Rumors

There have been rumors for some time in an extra yummy version of the Samsung Galaxy S5, but Samsung’s CEO rejects now rumors.

Just as long as you’ve talked Samsung Galaxy S5, there have been rumors that it, too, should come in a delicious version with aluminium outer and some rumors have even talked about 4 k screen.

In the beginning there was also rumors that S5’eren should be called Galaxy F. But although there have been rumors, there has never been any leaked specifications, images, or the like which could argue for keep in the rumors.

Now have Samsung’s CEO J. K. Shin been out and say that there are no plans to launch a premium model of S5.

We hope not it ruins the weekend for all of you who hoped for a luxury S5. On the other hand, we can reveal that there will be a new version of Galaxy Note here during the spring.