Samsung Galaxy S4 Confirmed-Speculation About The Features

The Samsung Galaxy goes into the fourth round. Fans of the producer can forward. The Galaxy S4 is always concrete. Next year is the sequel to theGalaxy S series. That was suspect at least Samsung Manager Kit Lam as he chatted on the invest in photonics, a little under the covers.

Kit Lam is responsible for the Korean manufacturer among other things for the development of smartphones. Unfortunately, the manager not revealed technical details. They say continue to guess riddles. For months, experts and fans about the new features of the model is speculated in the Samsung. Because we want to play as well.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 should bring these technical features
Probably, the choice falls on a quad core processor. You can see that almost as safe. The manufacturer will equip its new flagship guaranteed with decent performance and power. Also the display certainly again undergoes a refresher treatment compared to the Galaxy S3. The 4.8-inch could may remain and be fitted with a higher resolution. Also conceivable that the display grows to up to 5 inches.
Also, the integrated camera encourages speculation. So far was from the Korean manufacturer at a resolution of 8 megapixels. The competition, such as the Sony with its Xperia ion (12 mega pixel camera) make it out. Since the end of the flagpole is long not yet been reached.
Design, Samsung is probably based on the predecessor. With a whole new style is rather unlikely to occur, because already at the Galaxy S3, a completely new design has received catchment. Probably, the manufacturer will improve only trifles and change. Of course, the reduction of plastic processing of the Smartphones would be desirable.
As the operating system, the New Android version will most likely return to use. So far, all the S-series with Google Android devices were, therefore, it would be surprising if Samsung would decide different.

A stumbling block could be the high pressure
Only problem, the expectations are high. Maybe too high. In itself this is not a bad, it becomes difficult only if they cannot be met. Samsung must come a lot, to give a worthy successor to the Galaxy S3. Voice control, face detection, almost standard. There must be now clearly more. The Apple iPhone 4S inspired at that time, for example, with Siri, the first intelligent voice recognition, that just like to readily provides information about weather, events and co.. The iPhone 5, however, the enthusiasm was already not so great as it was, Siri is now even more intelligent. Means we need a new innovation. The new iPhone as well as at the Galaxy S4.

Still, the chances for the Galaxy S4 are
Its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most successful smartphone of manufacturer’s with 30 million copies sold so far. This record should now be cracked in the coming year with the Galaxy S4. The odds are good. Samsung secured especially in 2012 more and more parts of the market, especially in the segment of smartphones. As the biggest competitor of the Galaxy S4 which is Apple iPhone 5S/ 6 traded.But even HTC or Sony are about to produce high-quality devices and also Nokia wants to return to the top. You can probably tell with certainty. The year 2013 will be the year of high end smartphones.