Samsung Patents the New “Knock Code” Counterpart to Unlock the Home Screen

A pattern on the screen with one or more intersections must according to Samsung used to lock the phone or start applications.

LG has recently showcased their Knock Code feature that lets you lock up your home screen with a number of light pressure in a particular pattern on the home screen. Replace the light pressure with a pattern then you have caught the idea behind Samsung’s latest patent.

Possession of a contiguous line with at least one intersection, this intersection can then give you access to your phone. It doesn’t matter what size or shape you draw so it should be quite straightforward.

You can also save multiple intersections that so can give direct access to specific applications, two cuts can activate the camera and three can take you directly to a browser, for example.

It is now nothing more than a patent so it is not known whether Samsung can get the function with in Samsung Galaxy S5, but nevertheless it makes pretty good sense-although it is very close to that of LGs Knock Code feature.