School Prohibits Legging Pants to Keep Students’ Attention

Despite the disappointment of students, parents support the measure

After being banned from classrooms in schools in the states of Minnesota and Pennsylvania in the United States, legging pants have their use increasingly tight in colleges in California, one of the most liberal in the country. 
Kenilworth College called every girl in the institution to report that yoga pants, leggings, and even tight jeans were banned because they distract students’ attention, according to ABC News on Monday.

The use of legging is only allowed if accompanied by a short skirt. According to Kenilworth Junior High’s director, Emily Dunnagan, the type of pants has become popular with girls, but many are too thin.

-The problem is when the girl gets down.
Despite the disappointment of students, the parents supported the measure. According to parents of school students interviewed by Time magazine, the ban helps to contain the hormonal explosion phase of the boys and encourages the use of clothing more appropriate to the school environment.