Scotland Bans TV Advertisement with Cyclist without Helmet

A cycling street safety campaign had one of its ads banned in Scotland for showing a cyclist without a helmet. The video, 42 seconds long, makes an unusual joke with motorists, asking them to”treat cyclists as if they were horses. ” After a few jokes with bicycles in stables and equestrian tracks, the narrator clarifies:”We only mean to slow down, treat them carefully and give space on the track.”

The ad was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority(UK), the Advertising Standards Authority(ASA), which found that by showing a cyclist riding a helmet, the campaign showed a”socially irresponsible” attitude.

The ruling has created a malaise among the Scottish cycling community, which understands that the decision whether or not to use a helmet is a personal decision, as it is not mandatory to use it in the country.

“We understand that although British legislation does not require mandatory use of helmets by cyclists, their use is recommended as a good practice. We consider that the scene where a cyclist appears without a helmet undermines this recommendation. For these reasons we conclude that the advertisement is socially irresponsible and can encourage harmful behavior for health and safety.”

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