Sephora Presents The Lines Of Makeup: Marc Jacobs And Holiday

A few days ago SEPHORA invited us to a delicious brunch at the restaurant Sagafredo in gait, where introduced us the new collection of Marc Jacobs and Holiday. Two collections featuring fascinating proposals for the following season, from the fantastic kits that work as the perfect gift, until the technology from Marc Jacobs that will make you not only to look good, will also make you feel spectacular skin.

Marc Jacobs Beauty line “start a new line of makeup, is a wonderful opportunity to transmit spirit, and encourage people to express themselves”-Marc Jacobs

As one of the most influential people in fashion, either as a designer of your own lines or as creative director of LV. That led him to his great success is the fact that meet your consumer, knows that he is making it to see well and what you need. But without leaving aside a style that likes to break the rules of the ordinary and create new trends.

With its line of makeup, it was no different. Inspired by the glamour of the stars and sexy vampire with some retro touches, Marc achieved the perfect combination of color and texture that makes your makeup a pleasure to the eye and a delight to the skin.

Intelligence + beauty

Marc combine welfare with technology, that way includes anti-aging elements in its products. A favorite is the foundation that he called genius gel, and with good reason since it is all a genius, is a gel that leaves a wonderful texture to your skin all day making it look and feel younger. It also boasts a concealer, translucent powder which has a metal tip that refreshes and rest your eyes.

The deepest black

For Marc color and texture come together, nothing compares to the brilliance of a gloss. Why create more dark and bright for your mascara and eyeliner black giving the effect of a deeper look.

Full of color

Marc creates a palette inspired by the music and their icons, leading us to a new dimension of color, always with a perfect balance and practicality. His game of shadows contains 7 different colors since the Designer 7 is the perfect number because there are a variety of tones but only those needed.

Their lip glosses have a technology that makes them look larger and the lip gloss has an effect to smooth-textured vinyl and anything sticky, with colors that Marc attributed to your favorite music from rock to pop and punk.

Tested in man, approved by women.

This collection is not only for women, so Marc created 3 perfect wonderful products for him and her. The first is a balm with FPS18 that softens your lips. The second is a gel for eyebrows and finally his favorite, a gel which he calls Remedy; which has a metal tip that cools your eyes after a long night.

In addition to the products of Marc Jacobs, Sephora presents its Holiday collection with different proposed for these festivities that are increasingly closer.

The wonderful thing about these products is coming in a cute package, which makes it easier to choose the perfect gift for your relatives, friends and because not for ourselves. It has something for every style of person, from kits of beauty to the of shadows, lip treatments and those who have a little bit of all.

One of my favorites is the kit of The cookie Exchange of Philosophy, because as well as having a few incredible products presentation is very cute and is perfect for that friend cute that we all have. Another incredible is Escape to Morocco of Josie Maran, is a set of products made with the wonders of argan oil, you can cover you with the luxury of its best sellers since they include serum for the hair up to a rich body oil.

But we do not forget that we fell in love with the color makeup when it comes. One of the surprises of the day was one amazing all in one. Shadows, lipsticks, blushes, concealers… well kit has everything you need in a practical case.

Our friends at Sephora know that at Christmas we always want to give that gift either for appreciation (or well) those who surround us, so besides being fabulous products and have such beautiful presentations, also has an unbelievable price. Nothing better than to find all your gifts in one place and run give you a taste.

The makeup products will be on sale at the end of October at! Already did your list?