Sobriety and Elegance Is What We Bring Zara in His November Lookbook

I think that this is the time that most have cost me choose looks to comment, because the truth is that practically all I like. And is that Zara returns to bring us a Super Lookbook for this month of November in his collection fall-winter 2011 / 2012. In general, we have simple and very elegant lines which allow man to blurring the barrier between the daily outfits and for more special occasions.

Air British We find it looks like which heads the post, with clothes so attractive as this gray American of Spike, the blue jersey of peak or in mustard-colored corduroy pants. That Yes, the original and attractive touch provides it bow tie pictures, must-have accessory this season and that will give you one look more interesting.

The combination of leather with tie jacket I think of the most attractive thing that can be done. And more still when using a tie like this with shields that contrasts the harshness of the Huntress with the style more preppy, without missing the peak of Merino Wool Sweater.

This Orange mohair jacket It is one of the items that most caught my attention from the lookbook. It seems very successful to combine it with the shirt of vichy pictures. I would add a close tie in black as optional add-on.

This coat is also worthy of a special mention. In Tan, double button and neck hair, It is an elegant and can be combined in a multitude of outfits. Reminds me of partly used by the old Russian military coats. Simply, I love.

This American Bordeaux (also available in black), similar in appearance to the neoprene fabric, notch body, defining the silhouette. Combined with a cowl neck shirt and jeans of effect skin, both in black, forms a look more interesting, elegant and modern at the same time.

Perfect for the winter that lies ahead is this composite look by collar Swan and chunky knit in beige, with wool and booty dress pants. As a climax, the outfit is completed with a Navy Blue double button and cut slim wrap.

Then you can see the entire lookbook. We hope your comments.

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