Sold More of 200 Millions of Nokia 1100

A record figure, taking into account that they have achieved it in less than four years, the Nokia 1100 It was launched on the market in late 2003, makes it even more impressive.

This has become the history best selling consumer electronics device, Nokia sold every week more than one million mobile series (1101, 1108, 1110, 1110i and 1112), rather than LG with all its models and a little less than Sony Ericsson.

If we compare this figure with the of other gadgets much more famous we see that the ipod has sold 100 million, the PlayStation 2 115, Motorola has sold 50 million of RAZRs and LG 10 of the Chocolate. The previous best seller of Nokia, the model 3310/3330, It had sold 126 million units when it was discontinued two years ago.

Furthermore although you might think that it is mobile cheapest Nokia and it is intended for emerging countries, its margin is the largest, is estimated at 17%, reflecting the importance of the 1100 for the company.