Sony Launches Flashlight For $ 2,500 Camp That Plays Music

By following the world of technology, it is not uncommon to come across products with somewhat eccentric characteristics that seem to have been made for a very restricted audience.And this is precisely the case of Sony ‘s new Glass Sound Speaker, a $ 800 product that essentially is a flashlight for equipment capable of playing music.

While the top of the device has a mobile lamp capable of illuminating the environment of its choice thanks to a “translucent passive radiator”, the base serves as a conventional sound output.According to the company, the three-pillar system adopted in manufacturing makes the glass vibrate to help produce “more realistic sounds.”Several units of the gadget can be connected in order to improve overall quality and fill a spot with your favorite songs.

The device is already on sale in the United States

The Glass Sound Speaker also features compatibility with LDAC Bluetooth technology, which is capable of transmitting more data than conventional Bluetooth .The device has an internal battery that offers up to 4 hours of continuous use, but you can also plug it into a wall outlet if this need arises.

To complete, the novelty promises to offer a maximum power of 11 W through the drivers of 50 mm present in the device.Clearly positioned as a “lifestyle” device for moneyed, the flashlight is now available to deliver immediately to consumers in the United States.