Soothing Sounds, The Witcher 3, ‘Reconstruction’ Applications… and More: Galaxy Engadget Mobile

General relaxation, but not for here Sunday: bring a new ration of Galaxy Engadget Mobile, the best readings of the week on all our blogs brothers. Will new have today? We are going to see them.

  • The Witcher 3 you will reach the market and, Hey, it really cool but there are some things that mosquean. If you are worth, here are the first impressions of Kotaku.
  • We are in time, plus: death and resurrection of the photographer of weddings, christenings and communions.
  • Go which has prepared ASUS ensuring that Windows is not an adequate system for mobile.
  • Microsoft Edge, the new browser Redmond, aims very high: it is twice as fast as Internet Explorer.
  • Many times, when you work on the computer, you need some sound relaxing. What do? On Engadget they give us 17 pages with websites with soothing sounds, to choose.
  • If you are of those who were born in the century surely you know MS-DOS, the Microsoft prior to Windows system, and perhaps enjoyed many of their games. At Engadget have 28 best of the season so you can enjoy them in your browser.
  • There are Bloodborne path expansion and the madness is served.
  • Confiscated .se domain, then there goes The Pirate Bay and opens other six domains.
  • Could Google and LG revolutionize the mid-range with the next Nexus 5?
  • Do you know what is the? “flou” in photography? They explain it in Engadget photo.
  • If yours is a iPhone and you love the world of photography, these tips and applications for night photography are for you.
  • Yes, you can connect an iPhone with a smartwatch Android Wear, and there they explain us from Applesfera.
  • Long eye with these 9 applications which shall devour your Android battery
  • Rime, a game made in Spain who dreams of becoming the best game in the world.