Subotica is the northernmost city in Serbia and the largest Magyar-speaking city in the country. More than half of the population here speaks Hungarian, and the city itself and its environs are a kind of spectacle with a clear national flavor. The city lies just 10 km from the Hungarian border, in the heart of the Pannonian Plain. To the north of Subotica begins the famous Pushta (steppe region), and in the south stretches a strip of orchards and vineyards. See BRIDGAT for climate and weather information of Serbia.

The tourist information office, where they will give free maps and tell you about all the sights and events of Subotica, is located on Republic Square.

How to get to Subotica

From the main railway station of Subotica (tel.: 555 606) trains leave for Novi Sad (1.5 hours, 384 RSD), Zrenjanin, Sombor, Kelebija, Senta.

The bus station is located at: Marksov Put, tel.: 555 566. From there, regular flights are made to Novi Sad (departure every hour, 2 hours on the way, 1100 RSD) and Belgrade (about 3 hours, 1300 RSD).

The prices on the page are for February 2022.

Transport in the city

It will not be difficult to walk around the historical center of Subotica – the distances here are small, and the sights are located literally at every step. The network of municipal buses covers the entire city and goes beyond it, buses run directly in the city on nine routes. The fare costs about 100 RSD, on separate lines at night from 22:35 to 03:45 it is cheaper.

Taxis can be found at special parking lots, caught on the street or called by phone. Payment by meter, fare – approximately 100 RSD per landing, plus 80 RSD per kilometer.

Subotica Hotels

There are about two dozen hostels, hotels, boarding houses and country guest houses at the service of tourists in Subotica. Most city hotels are “three” and “four”. You can stay in them at a price of – 5000 RSD. We also recommend that you pay attention to the charming private pensions and apartments, many of which are located in historic buildings, within the city and beyond. At low prices – from 2500 RSD – a lot of pleasant experiences are guaranteed!

Well, those who want to relax and improve their health should stay at the resort of Palić, located 8 km from Subotica on the shores of the picturesque Palić Lake.

Cuisine and restaurants

The greatest concentration of restaurants and bars is observed on Matie Corvina Street, an offshoot of the main pedestrian Korzo.

As elsewhere in Serbia (and in the Balkans as a whole), the universal “snack” is burek – a pie stuffed with meat, cheese, mushrooms, herbs, etc. Bureks are sold literally at every turn. It makes sense to accompany Burek with “fluid yogurt”, which does not need to be translated. You can also kill a worm with a local version of a hot dog: Chevapi sausages are served in a fresh Lepinje bun, the cost is about 400 RSD. And in restaurants under the sign “Rostil” you can taste barbecue.

You can get acquainted with the local cuisine more thoroughly in the traditional restaurants “Gostiona Gurinovic”, “Bates”, “Majkin Salas”, “Jelen Salas”, “Vinski Dvor”, “Riblja Carda” and others. The main meat dishes here cost from 720 RSD. While waiting for the ordered dish, do not waste time in vain – it is better to try the local bitter tincture on herbs “Bitter Leaf”, which, according to reviews, is not only tasty, but also helps digestion.

Be sure to pay attention to Serbian sweets – some of the best are sold in a confectionery with a long and glorious history called “Ravel”.

Shopping and shops in Subotica

The best selection of Serbian souvenirs is in the official city gift shop at the City Museum. Address: Trg slobode, 1.

For all sorts of things from souvenirs and fruits to clothes and shoes, go to the Buvlyak flea market, which is open daily from 6 am to 3 pm on the Sombor path opposite the Hippodrome. The freshest farm products are sold at the open-air market on Comor and Jakoba Street. In search of clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, etc., you should look into one of the two large shopping centers in Subotica – Square Center or Atrium Centre.

Well, the products of Serbian wineries in the widest range can be found in the wine shop Zvonko Bogdan on Matie Korvina, 7.

Entertainment and attractions of Subotica

The city is filled with buildings in the Art Nouveau and Neo-Gothic styles, there are many examples of architectural eclecticism. The most notable of them are along the Korzo pedestrian street, which stretches from the City Hall to the east, to the railway station.

Of interest here are the Old Town Hall with the Historical Museum, the City Museum, the Art Gallery in Lenin Park, the Bishop of Subotica on Harambasiceva Street, the Gothic Cathedral of St. George, the Hradska Kucha complex, the “Reichl’s Palace” and other buildings built by the architect Ferenc Reichl. And also: a Franciscan monastery with the oldest Catholic church in the country on Kara Jovan Square, the oldest National Theater in the country (People’s Cazaliste), a synagogue, the Palic lake area (8 km from the city) with a zoo, sports grounds, restaurants and a park.

Subotica, Serbia

Subotica, Serbia
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